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Nov 17, 2004
Only 2 weeks in the country and not much to say but the roads from PP to Sihanoukville was FLAT and pretty boring, the only real hazard was being overtaken by high speed cars in butt puckering situations. PP to SR is also in good condition and 320 km of sealed roads make the trip go fast. In Angkor, approach from the airport side and park directly in front of the Angkor cafe on the right side before the turn. I was told that even if I had a Cambodian driving permit I was unable to self drive in the Angkor temple area. If you park here, you can walk to the main site and then 3 km up the road is Bayon, no police points. Between Bayon and the east temple area, there are 2 full time looking police kiosks, I did see one rider get thru but I was stopped and told to take my bike to the tourist police station and get a tuk tuk from there.
Poipet to SR, the first 140 km were pretty shit and slow, dirt and one pretty terrible bridge. It took over an hour to clear Thai and Cambodian customs.
The Thai side was the strangest. It's a real backside of the planet here and lots of non uniformed officers telling you where to park and where to go.
Exit procedure - stop at the customs gate and give over the import documents, drive 200 meteres more and park in the middle of the road in front of the kiosk. Get into the exit stamp line in the office on the left side. Come out, go to the entry office on the right side and into the office in the middle. Get a photocopy of your passport done(50 baht) and exit documents for the bike, fill it out and then go to the kiosk in the middle of the road. Hand over all the papers and wait. I was not charged to exit as my bike is Vietnam registration but was told 400 baht is normal(?)
Cambodians didn't give a shit about the bike and while I asked repeatedly at customs, I was told just to go thru and this is not what other postings listed. Poipet is a zoo with no minders or any order. Never again.

In SR, there is a great mechanic, on the road to the lake from the main part of town, go 1 KM past the Crocodile farm and he's on the left, can't miss it really. As most big bike mechanics here, 250's are the specialty and he's very fair on price. No phone or address but 1 km past the croc farm.

When in SR, make a point to visit Dead Fish. Great Great bar.

Ride Safe

Jul 24, 2005
Just crossed from Poipet, Cambodia to Thailand today and I had a breeze. One minute stop at the Cambodian side and nothing to pay. On the Thai side it took 10 minutes and they demanded 20 Baht for passport, driving license, temp export paper and green book copy but I gave them 2000 riel instead. The only question asked was "Are Cambodians girls better than Thai girls?" [:)] I said no and they said "ok good no you can go".
Aug 7, 2003
Swedish rider, are you going thru Korat?(Nakhon Ratchasima). If you are drop in and say hello.
01 7255600. Finnish/Australian rider.