Preah Khan via Strung (Stroeng) or Kampong Thom

Oct 5, 2007
Dear All

We (co-member Murray and myself) are preparing for another trip in to Cambodia in the beginning of February just after Chinese new year. On our last trip in October we have tried to reach Preah Khan but this was not possible due to the wet season and the fact we only had 250 XR's and not sub-marines.

Reading all the reports, books, tourist information, etc it is not clear what is the best way to get to Preah Khan, either from Strung (stroeng) up north or from Kampong Thom the road to Tbeng Meanchai and then before Phnom De(i)k towards to west.

We hope that one of the members has been there lately and can give us some usefull tips on which road to take and the duration to anticipate.

We will post the results ("a big thank you" or "do not take this road") once we are back by the end of February.

Thanks for the help/tips.

Bertil Prins


Feb 22, 2006
Hi Bertil,

In November I went from TBY -> Phnum Deik -> Ta Seng -> Preah Khan -> Phnum Deik.
Trip report on ... t3185.html

It was a great ride, but the rivers were still high and I only just got through a couple of them, it should be better now. The tracks from Phnum Deik to Ta Seng are very difficult to follow.

If you have a GPS and want the route I took just drop me an email, keep in mind I took a lot of wrong turns.