Probably...... good news for ducati owners worldwide except USA....probably

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by monsterman, Jun 9, 2013.

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    The well known problem affecting plastic fuel tanks on Ducatis and some other bikes due to the use of PA6 nylon fuel tanks and gasohol E10 which has caused massive recalls in USA and court cases and huge numbers 25,000 + replacement tanks already with dome issues also seen on some bikes in Europe and even Thailand may not be as bad as though for owners of ducatis built in last 4 years including thai made models .

    Reason is that PA6 absorbs water from the gasohol and swells leading to warped taks even cracking and jammed steering , engine problems etc .....

    The solution is to make the tanks from PEX a different formula , and Ducatis for all markets except USA since 2009 have all in theory had PEX tanks .

    Problem for ducati is that PEX is banned in USA by the environment agency as it does let fumes permeate out of the plastic , so in USA Ducati offer a 6 year warranty on tanks but what you do after 6 year is anyones guess.some companies are now offering after market steel , carbon fibre or aluminium tanks as future options but pricey .

    Bike made with PEX tanks should be OK and worldwide it does seems so .

    however some earlier plastic tank models sold in Europe , Asia ,and Australia , brazil etc were made from PA6 , and even on lower concentrations of E5 gasohol can warp .

    So owners of recent models in Eu and thailand should be fine .

    a sticker on the tank will tell u which plastic its made of ,

    other makes also affected were KTM, HD sportster sport only , some Triumphs (but not many as triumph quickly went back to steel tanks) moto guzzi , apprillia ,BMW .

    fortunately non gasohol fuel is available here ,
    and although Gasohol is fine for everyday use it is reccomended to store bike with non gasohol benzine in the tank

    EU now has mostly E5 gasohol but USA its nearly all 10% gasohol E10 and with Pa6
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    Just bought a 2011 Hypermotard 796 (love it!), from reading the above it should have the PEX tank and therefore OK to use gasohol? Previous owner said he mainly used Shell V Power gasohol and I've used 95 benzine so far but would be good to be able to have gasohol as another option.
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    Reviving an old thread

    In the US, they treat the inside of the PA6 tanks with
    Apparently correct preparation is very important for it to last. Some people who had their PA6 tanks replaced by Ducati then had the Caswell tank sealing treatment done to prevent the same swelling happening again.

    Is a similar treatment available in Thailand, and if so, who does it ?

    If the Caswell stuff is available in Thailand, there's some DIY info on

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