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  1. bought a new motobatt at extreme pattaya mityon in november for my ducati been away for 4 months battery has been on a conditioner charger but its dead ,, bike is ok with my other battery and the charger is also fine

    so took the battery withthe reciept back to extreme motobatt mark batery as 1 year full warranty but exteme now say only 3 months although they admit the battery is faulty and say i have to go to motobatt importer if i want warrant satisfaction WTF

    im only here for 3 weeks as im selling up house in pattaya and maybe my bikes and tools here althogh my family have condo in BKK as my daughter is in UNi and TV media there i no longer have longterm interest in pattaya and probably wont spend much time in LOS in future as it really no longer floats my boat , the bike is 2001 Ducati s4 with mucho upgrades and full green book if someone gives me 200k its theirs and 100k for all the tools
    and Italian BETA chest , many which are inpossible to get in LOS especially ducati tools
  2. Yesteday i contacted Motobatt Bangkok head office and spoke to Khun Naruwan in customer service she stated that the battery definitely has a 1year warranty and they will look inti it and that Extreme pattaya are not speaking the truth ,, I may have to drop the battery into them when im in BKK next week I have other motobatts in my other bikes that have never failed in 3-4 years of use
  3. Heard many horror shows about Mityon. Went to buy a bike from them years ago when living in the area. They must of thought I had some disease as the staff - 10 of them ? - never came near me. Gave them a figurative finger and never entered one of their shops again. Glad it worked out.
  4. we shall see on wednesday when i vist motobatt hq with the battery
  5. still being messed around so got hold of an ITALY made UNIBAT ,,for 2950bt it has silly 5mm connectors but seems OK ,, I was not going to get another motobatt here and ducati dealer wants 4900baht for a Ducati branded Yuasa and wait 4 weeks for delivery !!!!! WTF dealer here are complete shysters and charlatans
  6. Ducs don't fly here. Want a Multistrada but not all the BS. Too bad - great bike
  7. OK all is now sorted , once i found the correct MOTOBATT importer LINK Associates in Ladprao a very proffessional outfit they checked the battery and found it was faulty and exchanged it with no quibble under warranty

    im a happy bunny the unibat will be used on another bike so no loss there

    The Thai chap i met at link was most apologetic about the PRATTAYA dealers attitude but with tongue in cheek he said this is thailand and certain attitudes will never change
  8. Glad it worked out.

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