Procedures for taking a rented bike into Laos @ Chiang Khong

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by fm2002, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Is there a link/sticky somewhere which list the procedures needed to bring a rented bike into Laos.

    I plan on renting bike(s) in Chiang Mai so if there are shops willing to do this it would be great if someone knew which ones.
  2. Hi fm2002.

    I asked Pops motorbike hire about bike hire for you, and the guy I spoke to said they will hire bikes that you can take to Laos for 1000baht per day.
    He said they organize all the paper work.

    He gave me he's bosses number (086-9111218) and told me you should booked though him.

    Im not recommending Pops. Im only telling you what they told me.

    If you want to deal with this company, its up to you.
  3. Hey thanks alot for taking the time to go down there and ask for me ! Of course I would never hold you responsible, but do you have any experience with Pops ? I have heard mostly good things, but also had one guy not happy at all.

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