Project Pineapple: Riding Indochina for UXO


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong

An Easy Ride through Indochina.

Lift the carpet. Remove the bombies. Repair the damage.

Hanoi 19th March 2009 – HCMC 30th April 2009.

An estimated 76 million cluster bombs (bombies) remain from the ‘carpet bombing’ (260 million bombs, equivalent to one C130 planeload every 8 minutes for 9 years) of supply lines during the Vietnamese war, mostly in Laos but also in Vietnam and Cambodia, scattered like seeds, ready to explode. And they do. Every week.

Handicap International estimates that 98% of the victims have been civilians, 27% children. Kids are attracted to them because they are often brightly coloured. Many look rather like toy pineapples……more numerous and insidious than landmines.

On average, 10 children have died every month during the last 33 years.

On 3rd December this year 94 countries, including 18 of the 26 NATO member nations, signed The Convention on Cluster Munitions, known as the Oslo Treaty. The Convention seeks to ban cluster bombs and assist the victims. Notable amongst those who did not sign were USA, China, and Russia, all key perpetrators.

Project Pineapple (PP) is planning a peaceful event to publicize the issue of these unexploded ordinances (UXOs). Increased awareness will help to mobilize the support necessary to clean up the mess, support the victims and educate local people to know how to deal with those they find. It is hoped to assist in getting more signatories to the Convention, through pressure from voters.

Project Pineapple will take the form of an ‘Easy Ride’ by motor bike enthusiasts.
The riders will carry a pineapple from the starting point in Hanoi, Vietnam, through Laos and Cambodia, ending in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Members of the Minsk (previously Soviet) Motorcycle clubs from the 3 Indochina countries will be the ‘frontline.’ However, anyone may participate in the ride, with any model of bike, either in part or for the whole route.

Negotiations are underway with media organizations, in particular a key international one, to produce a documentary film on the ride highlighting the cluster bomb issues. It is hoped that several famous media personalities will agree to participate.

Project Pineapple is committed to ridding the world of cluster bombs, and to providing support to Non Government Organizations (NGOs) involved in cleanup and victim care. Project Pineapple does not solicit funds but encourages donations be made to NGOs.

Project Pineapple welcomes any level of assistance with logistics, administration and publicity, only commitment to the aims of PP is required. In particular, motivated bikers from any country are welcomed.

Background to the dates of the ride:
The founder of PP, Robert Kinnear, a member of RedR (Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief) was hiking through remote Lao hill villages on the Ho Chi Minh trail severely affected by cluster bombs, on a water well project for Handicap International in 2003.
On 19th March he heard on his short wave radio that the USA had started dropping cluster bombs on Iraq.
On 30th April 1975, the final exodus of US personnel from Ho Chi Minh City was made.

Robert Kinnear, Thailand, tel+66 (0)2 249 5877 [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

Alan Jenkinson, UK, tel +44 (0)1773 856094 [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

Released 14.12.2008 by Michael Wansbrough. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


Oct 17, 2006
being selfish that would a wonderful chance to get my sidecar-bike over all these borders and be in company of interesting folks. MY DREAM
But for planning seems bit late.



Oct 17, 2006
Here is the itinerary

3 Date. Place Route Km Total km Time. (Hr)
5 3/19/09 Hanoi 0
6 6 30
7 Xuan Mai
8 6 45
9 Cao Phong
10 6 115
11 Moc Chau
12 43 25
14 6A/6 62
15 Xan Nua
16 6 95
17 Houaphou
18 1C 96
19 Muang Khan
20 7 53
21 Phonsavan
22 1D 77
23 Tha Viang
24 5 58
25 Muang Cha
26 5 90
27 Houaymor
28 13N 50
29 Phonhong
30 13N 26
31 Nanga
32 13N/11 50
33 Vientiane
34 13S 85
35 Pakxan
36 13S 39
37 Pakkading
38 13S 47
39 Viang Khan
40 13S 109
41 Thakhet
42 13S 110
43 Xeno
44 9 35
45 Savannakhet
46 9 185
47 Xepon
48 9 40
50 9 15
51 Khe Sanh
52 9 15
54 9 40
55 Xepon
56 9 25
57 Muang Phin
58 1G 50
59 Paxia
60 1G 83
61 Phonpha
62 15 10
63 Salavan
64 20 114
65 Pakxe
66 13S 160
68 7 57
69 Stung Treng
70 7 153
71 Kratie
72 7 83
73 Snuol
74 7 121
75 Chob
76 7 35
77 Skone
78 ? 29
79 Tang Krang
80 6A 49
81 Phnom Penh
82 1 61
83 Neak Leung
84 1 104
86 22 60
87 HCMC 2786


Oct 17, 2006
Here a mail from Robert with more info=

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: robert ritchie kinnear
Date: Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 7:21 PM
Subject: Re: Pineapple Pico from Phujket

Hi Pico

Thanks for you mail and interest. nice pic.

Sorry fo rdelay but i was attacked and slashed at the weekend with much blood
loss and 20 stitches, today first day back at it.

attached outlines of project and itinerary. side trips still to be determined.

please note new email address for contact is

[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

website similar coming this weekend.

the whole project is flexible regarding what each person can do any part or the
whole trip.

the project is an alternative concept so every thing is done for free or'in
kind'. each must make their own way and pay their own way. the point is to get
as many people involved as posssible to show that it is widespread and not just
a few who want to stop cluster bombs.

if you can find other down your way who wan to join in that would be good. then
you would have to work out your ownlogistics how to get their

we are of course trying to smooth the way. The Senior Technical Consultant for
UNDP UXOLao has offered to help and probably UNICEF too.

Hoping to get some Project cover from Lao government to let PP riders in with no

Some bike tour companies are in so those with no bike or don't want to take them
up will be able to rent fromthose companies who will do at near cost and any
profits donated to donation buttons for NGOs on the web page.

If you have any contacts in key positions, agencies, companies who might help
then please do make contact.

General logistics is the main thing having someone in each area to coordinate
that region.

what ever you think you can do, then do it and hopefully all the bits will come
together by the will of who want it.

we will be updating the webpage as we go with info as it develops. be part of
it evolution.

best wishes



> Hello Robert,
> I read on the GT RIder about your project.
> ... t5117.html
> I live on Phuket and I very much would like to join the ride with my
> sidecar bike. See photo,
> I am handicapped ( car accident) but I know war first hand. I was in
> West-Beirut 1982-1984.
> Can you give more info for planning purposes?
> Last not least= in which areas are your looking for support?
> Pico