Proposed 7-9 day intinery - Northern Thailand. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Apr 22, 2010
Hey guys,

Just seeking some approval for my next trip (flying into Chiang Mai on the 29th of December). How am I looking here? Anyone suggest some route deviations or alternatives?

This doesn't include a few rest days. These here are just the ride days and I'll have a few days here and there to break it up with a few day trips/loops. Probably looking at 7-9 days in total before I train down south to fall in love with diving again.

Day 1. Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai via 118 & Hwy 1. From what I understand this is a pretty quick trip so assuming we leave Chiang Mai early enough we may keep going to the Golden Triangle for a few photo's before riding back to Chiang Rai before nightfall.

Day 2. Chiang Rai - Pai. North from Chiang Rai on Hwy 1 to Mae Chan and then west along 1089. A quick break in Fang and then head south down the 107 and then west along the 1095.
This is the day that I'm thinking I might be a bit too optomistic. I'm fine for trial/off-road but I'm unsure at this point as to what bikes my mate and I will end up hiring so at this point I'm planning to keep it on tarmac.

Day 3. Pai - Mae Hong Son via Pang Mapha (Soppong) along the 1095. A pleasant, easy ride from what I've read.

Day 4.... no idea. I'm totally up to suggestions as to what the best way to get back to Chiang Mai. Can continue the loop through Mae Chaem but I'm up for spending another day or two riding an alternative route.

Any suggestions for nice day trips surrounding Chiang Rai, Pai and Mae Hong Son?


Jun 28, 2010
I`d suggest you take in Nan.

Day 1) CM to Phayao then 1251 and 1091 to Nan. Doi Phuka optional day trip.
Day 2 or 3) Nan to Golden Triangle via 1148,Phu Chi Fah to CR.
Day 3 or 4) CR to Doi Mae Salong,Doi Ang Khang,Chiang Dao.
Day 5) Onwards to your other MHS loop idea via Pai....

Or in the opposite direction

You could find 7-9 days of decent riding that way.


Dec 6, 2005
Chiang Mai - Pai - Mae Hong Son - Chiang Mai is a two or three day trip, depending on how many hours a day you want to ride...

Chiang Mai - Loei - Nan - Doi Phuka loop - Nan - Chiang Mai - 4 day ...

You could add in Chiang Rai and Fang for an extra day on the way from Nan to Chiang Mai if you wanted to be away longer... or do Chaing Mai - Chaing Rai - Fang - Chaing Mai in one day...

One of my favourite rides for scenery and location photos was from Udon to (almost) Nong Khai then along the edge of the Mekong to Chiang Khan - then down to Loei ... if you want to add that in somewhere...


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
From wherever you are in North Thailand you can get back to Chiang Mai in a day.
So just play it as you go.
The MHS loop is good for 3-4 days the first time, & more if you really want to dawdle.
Then take off North from Cnx on R107

Cnx - Chiang Dao - Arunothai - Fang - Tha Ton - Doi Mae Salong - Thoed Thai - Doi Tung - Mae Sai - GT - Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong - Pha Tang - Phu Chi Fah - Chiang Kham - Tha Wang Pa - PUa - Doi Phukha - Nan - Chiang Muan - Phayao - Mae Kachan - Chiang Mai.
Or do this in reverse. Please yourself where you sleep, but you should never be more than 45 minutes away from cosy accommodation.

My fave over night towns
Doi Mae Salong
Thoed Thai
Chiang Khong

also good are
Mae Sai
Chiang Saen
I prefer smaller towns & not the big cities for a better cultural experience.

Check out the GT Rider Accommodation suggestions here

For local attractions start here

Individual provinces & what they have to offer are here

Mae Hong Son

Chiang Rai



The riding in Nan is so good you could spend 3 - 4 days there.

For the New Year break - a 4-day holiday Sat 29 December - Tuesday 1st Jan - traffic will be horrific most places. I'd suggest trying to stay away from the MHS Loop, & Mae Sai / GT = stay in Nan province. Up to you. But most places will be booked out & traffic will be heavy. There will be thousands of vehicles on Doi Inthanon, Doi Ang Khang, Phu Chi Fah & on the MHS Loop. Take care & ride safe.


Apr 22, 2010
This is awesome and exactly what I was after. Thanks guys. I'll spread out the maps tonight and look at the the routes suggested.