Protective Riding Gear

Jul 17, 2005
Newly acquired Africa Twin on way from Siam Superbike,now I learn that my riding gear has all been "misplaced " in Oz.
Does anybody know of a supplier of leathers and/or Dryrider gear in T,land.
Cheers Dom.
Apr 22, 2003
If you dont want to spend too much cash on jackets, check out some of the second hand clothing shops around chiangmai, I picked up a couple of good leather jackets, one made from Aussie lamb skin and the other real thick leather for 400 baht each, they are styled a bit like Indiana Jones's jacket but thier is enough skin on them to give you the protection you need, thier is also plenty of thin leather jackets from China but they wouldnt stand up to a slide down the road. You can also get a synthetic fabric jacket from some of the big bike shops up here with armour in them, one which impressed me had a Co2 canister and a toggle which attaches to your bike so if you have an off the jacket inflates like an air bag, but i dont know how long it would take to stop bouncing.

Ian Mc

Jun 4, 2003
Any protection is better than no protection John. The good old Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has been making a fortune for years out of dumb-arse European tourists falling off R1's and the like in their shorts and singlets and some even occasionaly wearing a helmet. And yes you can have the rear tyre when I get down to the canvas in the middle.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Just back from Bkk & checked out a couple of shops.
1. Fast Corner had a range of Wayne Gardner vented jackets which should be ok for some.
2. Riders Club. Riders Club had a nice collection of jackets - Dainese / Alpine Star / & RJays.
I was probably impressed more with the range at Riders Club, than what was on offer at Fast Corner. Buy it was the same old problem of sizes / fit & most of my preferences were too small.
However both shops claim that they can get gear within 3 weeks if you want to order.
I was interested in the Alpine Stars T-venom jacket & Riders Club quoted 15 thou, which I thought was a bit high, considering that the US recommended selling price is approx US$200+

Anyway I ended up ordering a new Arai helmet (Doohan replica) from Fast Corner for 17 thou & reckon that it is a bit of a bargain compared to what they go for "overseas" in farang country. Other shops in Bkk quoted 20-25 thou for the same or similar helmet, so Fast Corner is a winner there in my opinion.

Keep The Power On
Jan 22, 2005
DriRider Jackets:

We bought directly from the distributor (Rudy). Excellent protection and lots of airflow and very light weight. Can't remember the exact price, but they were around 7 to 8,000 Baht each[:D] And he has sizes for both tall and not so tall persons and those in between.

Give Rudy over in Pa Daet (about 35k North of Phayao)a call at 069196874. I would expect that he will be in Nan next week at the bike festival, so you might want to look him up there if your interested.

He's also got riding pants, but at the time, the Malaysian manufacture hadn't got the air flow and moisture wicking system figured out, so they were hot as hell and you sweeted gallons. All of which stayed inside, so you ended up sitting in a puddle of water on a bright sunny day. And no I was not pissing myself as we blasted along over Rt1148 on our way home to Chiang Khong - you know we never ride that fast. I would suppose they've got the wicking system worked out by now...

David and Mai