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  1. PTT Petrol has been the leading petrol company in Thailand for a long time & indeed they have set the standard for everyone else to follow - smart clean modern petrol stations with 7-11 mini marts, clean toilets, Amazon coffee shops, other restaurants & food centres. Plus air hoses + gauges to check your tyres. A fantastic service.
    It is with great delight that I now seem them moving into Laos & reckon it maybe a good idea to start listing towns & Places with PTT service stations.

    I know of 3 so far & there are probably more

    1. Luang Prabang on R13N, north of town just past the airport. GPS: N19 54.448 E102 10.032

    JIffy Mini Mart

    JDB Bank

    Pro check car service

    Amazon coffee

    2. Vientiane
    There is one maybe 10 kms out on R13N on the way to Vang Vieng. On the inbound right hand lane, heading towards Vientiane.

    3. Pakxe Champasak
    On R16A. Heading to Pakxong & the Bolaven plateau.
    1.5 kms east of R13S turn off to Don Khong
    GPS: N15 08.224 E105 54.798

    Does anyone have anymore?
  2. Also one over in Hongsa.
  3. Get their "Blue Card" and use it each time you fill up in Thailand, gives a receipt with date,total liters, price per liter. Easy to keep track of fuel economy, I use a pen to jot the odo kms on each receipt and then work it out later or add to an app. Bonus , you receive points to use at Amazon for coffees etc.
  4. PTT is on the move in Laos - great news!

    Café Amazon PTT Franchise to Expand Further

    (KPL) The PTT of Thailand has a plan to expand its master franchise of Café Amazonto 13 petrol stations in the Lao PDR.

    The signing ceremony of master franchiseof Café Amazon of PTT Laos was held at the Crown Plaza hotel Vientiane Capital on May 30.

    The master franchise expansion was signed between Senior Executive Vice President of PTT Public Company Limited Auttapol Rerkpiboon and Managing Director of PTT Lao Company Limited Somchart Sermvongtrakul.

    Witnesses at the event were Chief Operating Officer, Downstream Petroleum Business Group, PTT Public Company Limited SarunRungkasiri, Vice Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Boua-Ngem Xaphouvongand Director General Domestic Trade Department, Minister of Industry and Commerce Bounlien Keosipha.

    Mr Rungkasiri stated that PTT aims to become one of thetop brands in the Indo-China region by introducing Café Amazon to new markets in Southeast Asian along with PTT petroleum products.

    After the success of granting the first rights of a master franchise of Café Amazon in Cambodia to PTTCL, PTT continued to pursue the same path by granting rights to PTT Laos and other countries such as Myanmar, Japan and Oman.

    "Granting rights of a master franchise of Café Amazon to PTT Lao not only creates an opportunity to expand our businesses remarkably in Southeast Asia but also provides jobs for Lao peopleand generates economic growth for our neighbour with products and services of international standard and reasonable price.

    Presently, there are 25 Café Amazon outlets in Lao PDR operated by PTT Lao with a target set at 38 branches by the end of 2017 and75 branches by 2021.

    PTT continues to drive its business towards building the pride and treasure of Thailand. Promoting recognition of Thai brands like Café Amazon to coffee consumers in ASEAN, is one the initiatives for PTT to become a Global brand," said Mr. Sarun.

    Source: KPL News
    Here's a PTT link to their petrol station locations

    Great service & great info.
  5. PTT in Bokeo - Houei Xai
    GTR - IMG_3266.JPG
    Location on R3, heading out of town towards Luang Namtha
    GTR - IMG_3267.JPG

    1 kms east of the short cut to the bridge
    GPS N20 15.186 E100 26.928
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