Q: Selling motorbike in Laos or getting it into Thailand

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    Hi folks, I'm Luuk and I'm new here. I have a few questions I would like to ask.

    I didn't know where to post this exactly so hope it's fine here.

    First my story, I will try to add some recent information in other threads where fitted about my experience. I bought a motorbike (Honda Win replica) in Hanoi Vietnam and drove it to HCMC, from there i crossed the border near Ha Tien (Prek Chak) into Cambodia without any troubles or extra payment. After this i roundtripped Cambodia on it and then drove up to Stung Treng to go into Laos with it, without any real trouble i got into Laos with my bike (first got Cambodia vehicle document for 10$, got Cambodia exit stamp 2$, Laos visa 35$, Laos entry stamp 2$, and Laos 1-month vehicle check-in 5$). Now I'm in Vientiane still going north. But I'm doubting what do do next, I'm picking up my Thai visa today but still have 2weeks Laos left, and I'm looking for a few answers to decide what to do next.

    I have a Honda Win with green card. Only thing is, I don't have a motorbike drivers license or international driver's license.

    Q1: Is it possible to sell my motorbike to a backpacker in Laos?
    Because I got the paperwork for my bike entry into Laos and it's on my name. If i sell the bike, do i get any trouble leaving the country without it? And does the buyer get any trouble getting into Vietnam/Cambodia with it?

    Q2: Is it possible to get my motorbike into Thailand?
    If yes, which border crossing would be the best to do this? I want to go to Chiang Mai.

    Q3: If I go to Thailand by motorbike, where can I get insurance? Do you need a drivers license?

    Q4: Am I able to sell my bike in Thailand without having trouble leaving the country without the bike?

    Any answers will do, hope something is possible otherwise i have to get back to Vietnam or Cambodia to sell.

    ps: for any recent info about driving Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos feel free to contact me.
    pps: I can recommend doing The Loop from Thakheak Laos (4 days)
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    You can sell your bike to anyone who wants to buy & pay for it.
    Then it becomes "their problem."

    If you want to take the time to contribute a brief trip report of your travels, you are most welcome to do so.

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