Qatar MotoGP is on SATURDAY 8/4

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  1. Weird one this as apart from Assen TT, they're normally all on a Sunday. Whatever, the action starts at 4pm Thai time and we will be showing it at the Jai-Yen. Great start to the season and wow, Pedrosa could be the one to watch and I look forward to seeing him dicing with The Doctor.....

    Thanks for all those who attended last Sunday's and although I don't think I offended anyone in my extremely drunken state, I'll apologise anyway! [:)]


  2. Hey Jeff,

    Keep up with it mate. V.R. has removed "The Doctor" from his bum (Not from sliding down the track)and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. Maybe he knows something we don't.

    It certainly will be a great season. I hope I can watch a race or 2 from your joint later next month.

  3. Hey mate,

    Told you I was drunk! Completely missed that so cheers to put me right! Yep, will be good to see you again and I hope my upcoming UK visit doesn't coincide with your CM visit. I'm away 24/4 - 10/5, when do you return?
  4. Seems it will mate. I'll be off to the next project through Siam at the end of April.

    I'm back in Indo at the moment after 2 months in far north Myanmar, place called Myitkyina. Most interesting trip there working with Myanmar Airforce right up to the northern most point of Kachin State where India, China and Myanmar meet.

    Couldn't even hire a chook-chaser there to have a bit of a look around. Road blocks everywhere and most areas off-limits to foreigners. The roads were complete crap with the main drag to Mandalay a 3 metre wide strip of bitumen with lots of repairs required for at least half of the 400 kms or more according to a few folks that I spoke with. The secondary roads were somewhat worse. Fortunately I had a Cessna Citation jet to flap around in.

    But anyway, I'll catch you on the way back again.

  5. Hey Jeff,

    Sorry mate. So much for my info that VR has removed the "The Doctor" from the bum of his leathers for the 2006 season. Seems his tailor has now replaced it prior to the Qatar event and the result was fairly satisfactory.

  6. Did you watch the race & see John Hopkins kick the shit out of his bike after it "expired."

    Here's a nice quote from Paul Denning ­ the Rizla Suzuki Team Manager:

    "John, Chris and the whole Rizla Suzuki team deserved so much more than this. The effort that the crew and riders have put in this weekend has been incredible. Without going into detail, it has been an extremely difficult weekend. For John in particular today was very disappointing as his bike felt so much better than it had done all weekend. He made a good start and he was sure that he could catch the riders in front of him. Unfortunately, the performance of the bike tapered off to a point where it finally stopped. John was obviously visibly upset and after the weekend that he has had I don't think it would be human not to let some of that frustration out and nothing more will be said on the subject.

    I thought it was a wonderful expression of passion & discontent. He walked away once but returned to continue the beating & express his dissatisfaction.

    Keep The Power On
  7. Yes, Hopkins has been riding a factory bike that they would have to change the head every time it came in from the track, just to keep the damn thing running. You see the special "head" wrenches pull the head, and dissappear behind closed curtains, returning with a fresh head. Jeez, makes piston ring changes of the two strokes or yore look like nothing. Sad that it cannot even last a full race. Same story for the last couple years. No wonder he's a bit miffed.

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