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  1. Hi Friends,

    First I hesitated to post this topic in this section and not in the 4WD one, but finally i decided that QUADS are nearest bikes than nearest cars...

    Hope David would agree and I will accept easily any remark then flexible as the reed I will correct it immediatly...

    So my simple question is: could we find QUADS to buy in LOS, what is the offer, what are the pros and cons, constraints, what is the status versus authorities, could we plate them (Green Book ?), where to find the better choice and if one could on top give ideas of retail prices. Could we drive these quads on Thai roads over the country ?

    Thanks by advance for your answer.
  2. Hi Azoulay,
    I have inquired about this in Depth and the Transport Department are quite Adamant and even Aggressive with their Reply!!! "We will Never Register Quads or Buggys in Thailand"!!! Now I think "Never" may be a bit extreme as I see ATV on the Road in Pattaya and even see Signs advertising them for Rent. Some also have Red Plates on??? Maybe Monsterman or Mike Rust may know more about this? Anyway by Law they are not allowed on any Public Road in Thailand but much the same as Unplated Bikes depends where You are!!! As for Buying an ATV there are a Few Options but most are Made in China and All are Very Expensive!!! For a Made in Taiwan alternative check www.gemcar.co.th . Their "ATV320s" is OK and Their "Bug Racer 500" is Brilliant!!! For the Ferrari of ATV check out Polaris which now have a Dealer in Bangkok. Their Top Machine is there RZRs 800 EFI. I have Driven one of these and Beyond Belief Really Amazing Rocketship with handling to Match, and all for the Paltry Sum of 600.000 Baht :shock: Good Luck!!!
  3. Some very expensive, (over 1 million baht) trikes and quads at the motor show in Bangkok last week. They would rival the top Harley's or Goldwing for luxurious appointment. Sorry but did not recognise brand, or enquire as to registration, but show still open if anyone wants to go look
  4. Hi John,

    Yes those Can-Am's on the show where impressing. Here some pics and specs:








    Happy trails,

  5. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for you answers, in fact, I saw once a Can Am trike (the same yellow as on the picture) parked on the sea side in Cha Am last year during a Jet Ski event together with the four wheel Yamaha vehicule but I think it's a very anecdotic vehicule. Finally I am a bit disappointed that Quads and ATVs are not more popular in Thailand...Road regulations could explain it, I am still convince it would be an idle kind of vehicule for here....Thanks to keep us posted on that.

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