Question about Cambodian customs

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    I intend to go from Thailand to Cambodia with my (in Germany registered) bike again in 2011, as I did a couple of years before without any problems. Now I could read an information from German foreign ministry, a permission is required, which has to be applied in Phnom Penh BEFORE departing. Is that true??? Here is the original text, for those of you who are able to read german:

    Für die temporäre Einfuhr von Pkw und Motorrädern auf dem Landweg ist vor Antritt der Reise eine schriftliche Genehmigung beim General Department of Customs and Excise Phnom Penh einzuholen. Kontaktanschrift: 6-8 Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh, Tel. / Fax: +855-23-214 065,

    Can anybody confirm this? Hopefully not...
    Thanks in advance

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