Question for Kawasaki D tracker / KLX 250 riders...

Discussion in 'Technical' started by finnomick, May 11, 2012.

  1. Where I live, it's great for riding most of the year, but when the rainy season comes it's mud everywhere. My question is, is it better to have a D Tracker with a set of knobblies for the wet season, or a KLX250 with a set of road tyres for the dry season ?
  2. The D-Tracker and the KLX are the same bike its just the D-Tracker has smaller rims not sure if you can get knobbys for the D-Tracker rims so just buy a set of KLX rims to stick on it when you want ... or buy KLX 250 and buy a set of D-Tracker rims for it.
    I just have a knobby on the back and a road trail tyre on the front of my KLX250 all the time but thats what i like. ;-)

    Cheers Brad.
  3. Assuming you keep the same rims and just change the tires, I would go for KLX as the bigger wheels are better on dirt. Also the dirt wheel are not that bad for "good" road. I have been driving 18000km on KLX with motorcross rubber on all kind of dirt and mud and black (asphalt) road (including Udon - Luang Prabang - Udon 100% on asphalt) and it is actually quite ok.

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