Question On Trip From KL, Malaysia To Hong Kong!

Discussion in 'Global Trip Reports' started by cyruspee, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. cyruspee

    cyruspee Member

    I probably in the wrong forum, because I will do this trip with a car not a bike, i am sorry for this, but this forum is my only hope.... due to the information about crossing border. I believe you guys are incredible... and experience enough to give some advise to me.

    Let start.

    My plan trip is Malaysia - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - China - Hong Kong
    KL - Sadao - Savannakhet - Nakhon Phanom - Ban Nape - Kim Cuooong -Phu Thach - Vinh - Mong Cai - Guangzhou - Kowloon

    If you go to the and type in Rawang, Malaysia to Kowloon, HK. It will return this route.

    Here the question start.
    My car is registered in Malaysia and is that possible I can do this trip?
    1. Anything I will need to apply before my trip?
    2. There is some alternative route
    - Malaysia - Thailand - Laos - China - Hong Kong
    - Malaysia - Thailand - Myammar - China - Hong Kong
    which route is the perferable?

    I will need every piece of information as possible.

    And last, thanks in advance.
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  3. burnjr

    burnjr Ol'Timer

    no way u can drive in mymar,
    1 how many car u wanana to bring i means a group or just ur car..
    for info in china u need a guide and translater..and your car will be inspect,when u entre china at yuyi..
    for more detail pls meet china embesy..
    hv nice days :D :D
  4. cyruspee

    cyruspee Member

    Is only a car...
    I am speaking chinese, so no worry for chinese lauguage barrier
  5. beddhist

    beddhist Ol'Timer

    Almost nobody has managed to enter Vietnam on a foreign registered vehicle recently. I assume Lao and Cambodian vehicles can enter, but if you are not a citizen or at least resident there, then I don't know.

    For China (unless you are a Chinese national), you need to organise your trip with a recognised tour company. Fixed itinerary and guide for the whole time in mainland China are compulsory. Lead times for organising this vary from 2 to 4 months. Expect to pay about 150 $US per day.

    We used Very professional and fast, but not the cheapest.
  6. cyruspee

    cyruspee Member

    I understand that is almost impossible to crossing border from laos to vietnam......

    So the trip change to Malaysia - Thailand - Laos - China - HK!
    The total milleage is 3030miles............... which 700 extra compare with the vietnam route......

    The is not working.....
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Despite signing govt to govt cross border transport agreements, the Viets won't let in vehicles other than left hand drive. So no rocking up at the border & expecting to drive / ride in.

    Drive Indochina are the S E Asia experts
    to consult, if you want to buy a package.
  8. cyruspee

    cyruspee Member

    I can't read thai language.......
  9. beddhist

    beddhist Ol'Timer

    Yes, they haven't renewed their domain name. Try emailing Gyurme: gyurme_d at yahoo dot com.
  10. cyruspee

    cyruspee Member

    One question here!

    I heard the Highway 3 in Laos is fill with bitumen from Thailand to China, isn't it true?

    If is it true, then is a good news for.

    I have managed to get the China Government Website to get the information about the china temporary vehicle entry permit.

    The only problem now is with Hong Kong. I heard no car can enter to HK...anyone know about it?
  11. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If you try looking at some of the trip reports for Laos ... t4496.html

    you might see...

    and ... t4525.html

    to see this...


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