R1095 Mae Hong Son Return

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  1. THURS 27- FRID 28 - SAT 29 NOVEMBER
    A map delivery run. Glorious weather again & the roads are pretty much in perfect condition.

    R108 Mae Hong Son - Khun Yuam


    R108 just south of Mae Hong Son. Magic light, fields & road.



    Mae Hong Son City

    Doi Kong Mou temple

    Jong Kham Lake

    In MHS city, the Crossroads Pub & Restaurant has a GT Rider banner up.
    you should not miss it & you should not miss a drink or two at the Crossroads.

    R1095 MHS -Soppong. Rice fields near the Pangmapha Rice research station.

    The best coffee stop Pai - MHS is now at Aom's Coffee corner hut outside the Soppong River Inn.
    Roadside, this place is the quickest easiest place to stop. The coffee is good & the service excellent.
    Check out the Soppong River Inn
    a highly recommended GT Rider favourite on the MHS Loop!
  2. Nice ones David,

    Brings back fond memories as I was in those very spots just a few weeks ago. But yes, roads and weather were perfect for me the entire time. MHS is a heck of a nice little town is it not?






  3. Feejer
    Yep it certainly does look as if we were in the same spots - same photos & bend even. Good stuff eh?


    But notice the difference in the colour of the rice paddies - gone from green to golden yellow after the harvest. So you got it perfect whilst still green, although no complaints on the golden yellow either.

    It looks like you have some great photos, so why not insert some in your excellent trip report for us to see.

    Thanks for the comments & contributions.
  4. For Happy Feet & AK47Wacko


    Cnx - MHS 4 hrs 21 mins Elapsed Time.
    Included a 50min coffee stop at Soppong River Inn on the way through.
    Ex Cnx: 12.40PM
    Pai: 14.35PM
    Soppong: 15.12PM. Coffee break.
    Ex Soppong: 16.02PM
    Piya Ghouse Mae Hong Son: 17.01PM
    Actual Travel Time 3 hrs 31 mins.

    Average Speed: 53 kph?
    Getting your average speed over 60KPH Cnx - MHS is not easy.
    Try it sometime & you'll be surprised.

    For Ray23
  5. Looking at the profile I am not sure that my scooter belt transmission can handle such steep hills. Have been cruising with Jonadda John to Phayao.
    At one point I had to ask John to take Lady Sao 45 kg on his Suzuki 1100. because the belt started slipping .
    From then on is was great great fun . Only i suffered muscle ache in my back because I had to push the side car through each and every one of the bents. Some 10-15kg I guess.

    Now in Chiang Rai, longing to do MHS

  6. Pico Pico
    Just a question, now that you've got your bike sorted - have you been to Mae Hong Son yet?
  7. I plead guilty, David, I have not.

    On our trip last year from Phuket still with the unmodified fork we went up to Pai, that was enough.
    Too many racing bikes, trucks blasting diesel into Sao face more than mine, after all she sits very very low in the sidecar. For me with half a ton of weight plus something 140cm width and only 600cc overtaking on steep hills needs to be carefully calculated. The margin of error is small..
    Plus for sidecar passenger these sharp bents are fun only for a short while, it's real work leaning out to left and the right. One gets easily sick.
    We are not sporty types we just rolling.
    So we turned around went down hill to 107 from there we took 1001 to Mae Ho Pra - CNX. What a difference, some 20 bikes, trucks car perhaps on the whole road. Scenery wonderful and enough bents to make us feel good.
    But one day I want to go to Mae Hong Song, riding up from Mae Sariang.

    For now I am enjoying my little resort at the Ping RIver with a wonderful pool and hardly any guests. iT'S A DREAM.

    Going back to Phuket? Yes, weather permitting perhaps along the Mekong via Loei down to Surin. Because that route seems to have the most remarkable spots condensed together in all of Thailand.

    Perhaps I find a way to ship my bike back to Phuket and just keep riding around here.

    We will see............

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