1. Does anyone know the latest situation of R211 from Chiang Khan to Nong Khai. I went along this road in November last year and it was a mess so I was wondering is it now stuffed with road works, just stuffed or what?
    Thanks for any info.
  2. Hi Ron,

    I just replied to you but the message does not seem to have been delivered. I am in Chiang Khan tonight and will most probably be on that stretch the next few days so will let you know. The roads elsewhere from Nan to here have been quite ok in fact north of Loei there is a substantial new section just completing.
  3. Thanks Gary D. I will be heading that way next week so the info would be most useful.
  4. Ron I rode 211 on 30th December coming back from Vientiane & thought it was all ok. Some parts at the Chiang Khan end have been resurfaced, but there is still a bumpy 10 (?) kms of patchy asphalt. None of this should bother you on a Versys.
  5. Rode part of 211 from Chiang Khan yesterday. A mixture of some potholes, good road and some new road. What a great scenic ride along the Mekhong River, worth a few potholes.

  6. Thanks David and Gary. Sounds like its been cleaned up somewhat as the Chiang Khan end which was the worst part.

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