R4 Xieng Ngeun - Xayaboury - Khentao to be asphalted

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    (KPL) The national road No 4 with a 370km long connects from Xieng Nguen district of Luang Prabang province to Sayabouly province will be paved two grade of asphalt.
    After the Government has approved its own fund contributed to the grant aid and loan receiving from international financial fund and international aid organizations worth US$88.5 million to spend on a four-year construction project of the road No 4 linking Luang Prabang-Sayabouly province.
    The singing ceremony of the road construction took place in Khentao district, Sayabouly province between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and a contractor company on 2 December, which drew the Minister of Public Works and Transport Sommad Pholsena, Sayabouly Governor Lien Thikeo and high-ranking officials of both sides.
    The road No 4 is main road of Sayabouly province links Luang Prabang province and other province, and Lao-Thai border.
    This is thanks to this road is important so the Government asked for loan and grant aid for the construction of road No 4 and a bridge spans over Mekong river between Thadeua and Parkon, from the Asian Development Bank, AusAID, the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Export-Import Bank of the Republic of Korea.
    The total construction cost was supported by the Lao Government (US$13.6 million), the Asian Development Bank (US$27 million of grant aid), the Export-Import Bank of the Republic of Korea (US$22.4 million), AusAID (US$14.5 million) and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (US$11 million).

    Comment: but what's this about a bridge over the Mekong between Thadeua & Parkon????
  2. Nothing wrong with a bridge between Thadeua and Parkhon according to most maps - other maps have these places on the same side of the river so, yes, than it becomes a bit of a riddle.
  3. At least it looks like they have fun at their ceremonies! :lol:
  4. I guess they mean they will pave it all the way to Pak Lay and to the border to Tha Li in Thailand?

    I fellow I spoke to on the Pak Lay-VTE boat further mentioned that there is a hydro power project somewhere there as well and that the Pak Lay-VTE road will be upgraded and paved as well.
  5. Can someone give me a current update on this road? Is it fully tarmacked now? I swear I've done an exhaustive search of the forum (as partially evidenced by my digging up a 2 year old thread), although I do get sidetracked reading some excellent trip reports of other parts of Laos.

    Part of my trip is from Vientiane to Xanamkhan to Pak Lay to Xayaboury to Xiang Nguen and I'd prefer to know ahead of time which parts are tarmacked and which will be dusty.

    Also, I know it's possible to hire a boat from Pak Lay to Vientiane. Would there be any problem getting a boat from Vientiane to Xanamkhan?

  6. The road is not finished yet. The last time I road the Muang Ngeun to Hongsa and on to Xayabury part only very small stretches were tarmac and the remainder was good dirt but that was just before the rainy season started (March 2010) so it maybe different now.

    Xayabury to Paklay and on the border at Nam Heung to Thali is being upgraded and small parts are tarmac and the remainder good to bad unpaved and very dusty at some parts - condition as of firts week November 2010.

    Paklay to Xanakham (crossing the Mekong at Paklay) is all tarmac. Xanakham to Vang/Namhi is good unpaved but from here on further east to Vientiane is generally bad unpaved and very dusty at parts (1 week ago)

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