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  1. I was long overdue to replace my cheapie, marginal and too small for me Cambodia rain gear suit with something decent!!

    So, I now have a set (jackets & pants) of the RS Taichi Rainbuster, having just done a R/T bus trip to Paddock, in BKK
    Price 3500-Bt, less 300-Bt discount. You must always ask (push) for a discount at Paddock!
    I was reluctant to buy rain gear online. Prices may be good, but I was concerned about the fit.

    My measurements are 182cm, 77kg (6', 170#, 32" waist), yes lanky, but also known as skinny!
    I've had an XL sized RS Thaichi armored jacket for years, and I use it's waist and other adjustments to best fit my body.
    A perfectly sized jacket for me would be somewhere between an L and an XL.
    The XL RS Taichi Rainbuster top easily fits over my XL jacket and would likely be fine on other similarly sized jackets.
    The elastic waistband, in both the jacket and pants, keeps the bottom of the jacket and top of the pants snug against
    my body. Velcro adjustments keep the jacket collar tight against your neck, and arms against your wrist. The pant legs
    are about 5" longer than your leg length (good) and bottom of pant legs have a velcro fasteners to tighten them against
    your boots [but no under the boot strap]. The legs are billowy enough to allow wearing my knee armor underneath;
    something I checked that when I returned home.

    Things I don't like about the jacket, is that Paddock stocks the Rainbuster only in black or red, although Thaichi also
    makes it in yellow. I got a red one, but would prefer yellow as it's far more visible both during the day and night.
    The pants are lined with a web-like cloth which likely will tear easily when putting your boots through the legs. I'd prefer
    the pant legs had short side zippers with velcro covers which would ease dressing with your riding boots. This feature is often
    found on more expensive rain gear.
  2. Thanks for the tips. It's good to know you're prepared to ride in the rain too.

    For those looking for rain suits in the North Chiang Rai Saddle bags also has farang size ones.

    They also offer a good mail order service.
  3. I've tried riding in rain gear a few times in Thailand and just hate it.

    Here in the tropics I always ended up sweating like a pig- yuck!

    9 times out of 10 the rain never lasts long and it's dry and sunny just down the road.

    Personally I much prefer just riding through the rain, getting wet, and drying out on the other side.

    But that's just me :lol:
  4. I bought mine from there last year. Very pleased with it too. Does get a little warm though but I guess that goes with the gear involved unless you spend lots of money.
  5. Tony, I've gotten to be the same way, but I do wear a jacket.

    After trying to find pants that won't melt from the heat of the bike -- and not finding them -- I've become accustomed to just throwing the phone and wallet into a pouch on my windscreen and just rolling on. If the rain comes down in buckets or is monsoonish, I pull over anyway and wait it out.

    So I will wear a jacket, but have skipped wearing the pants.

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