1. Yes, its raining in Lampang at the moment!! Its only been going for a few minutes but the air is a lot easier to breath already.. Phhuuu... I never thought i be so happy to hear the sound of rain...:)

    What's the weather like in your N-Thailand location?
  2. Near MaeChan - still horrible!
  3. Its crap in Chiang Mai still with the PM10 at Chiang Mai City Hall being recorded at 11.00am this morning at 208+. No wind, so the smoke just sits heavily in the air. Apparently the PM10 in CNX has been over 300 in the past two weeks. Someone posted on a thread somewhere in this site that in Europe up from 50 is considered in the danger zone.
    And if you think it comes from Burma or surrounds, have a look at this.....
    Link removed
  4. Good link Ron, looks like Chiang Khong is still "ok" for me to go to. Like to get some smoky pix of the low low Mekong & the Chinese cargo boats supposedly stuck in the river between Chiang Saen & Chiang Khong.
  5. Hello Ron, It is pretty Much Fire in every Country! Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand are the Big ones though!
  6. Having look at weather app there's thunder and showers expected in most of the northern provinces the coming week. After the first few showers here today it cleared up a bit, and i could see the sky for the first time in over a month. It was still blue..:) Let's hope the rain spreads.

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