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  1. I have been wanting to get up and travel around Cambo for a while. I am being offered a Bandit 400 at the moment which would work out kind of ideal for my Thai riding. However would that be possible to get around cambodia on ??

    I am not looking to go trailing and am not trying to have an off road tour. Just get from population center to population center. Even though a Bandit is a road bike it wont be worth much and I wont mind it getting a bit trashed or covering dirt miles on it. I see pictures showing regular sedan cars getting around so feel any bike should make it.. Thats not over confident is it ??

    Just off the top of my head thinking like a Had Lek - Koh Kong - Sihanoukaville (route 18 and 4).. Then a run to PP (4 or 3). Then Siam Reap with a look around Ankor and probably back out by Aranyaprathet. Although this is by no means fixed.

    Having driven right over a volcano on a beaten up honda wave, I am inclined to think I can haul a 'road bike' over those roads ?? Even during rainy season ??
  2. You will have no problems on a street bike between main towns, everywhere the roads are being improved. Only thing is on the dirt as soon as it is wet you won't get far, slip sliding away. Just wait until it dries off again, depends how much of a hurry you may be in. We don't even go seriously off road in the wet with off road bikes due to the rivers flooding.

    Is this the bike you need the book for? Try crossing at Osmach/Kap Cheong they don't look too closely at anything, a friend got thru with the wrong book (too far to go back to get the right one).
  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence.. I have wanted to get up and around Cambo under my own steam for nearly a year now, but whenever you look at these forums, you see guys fording rivers and 1200GS's dripping with touratec bags and think thats too much commitment for me.

    However my itch to go have a look is getting so bad I am about ready to set off on a disposable 20k baht honda wave, sonic, or raider if other plans dont come together.

    Anyway it will happen soon on whatever bike things work out for.. When it does report and pics will follow.

    I am sure I will have more questions between then and now. Cheers for the input.

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