Rally Raid Madness Tenth Year in Cambodia

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    The Annual not to be missed offroad Rally by Ben Laffer of Angkor Dirt Bike Tours will be on January 10th 2009, this will the tenth year for this rally. I have done it quite few times and even finished it a couple of times, often just pure adrenalin. :D

    Following info from their e-mail /web page, please contact Ben to get on the mailing list,

    :D 12 Days
    2000 KM +
    Ancient temples
    Visit remote goldmines
    Ride to the Laos Border
    Ride to the Thai Border
    Ride to the Vietnamese border
    Crossing rivers in dug out canoes
    Sleep in ancient over grown temples deep in the jungle
    Ride through the jungle of the cardomen Mountains to Koh Kong
    Visit the temples of Koh Ker, Preah Vihear, Angkor Wat and others
    This price includes Bikes, fuel, food, accommodation and our own collectable race jersey.

    Ben Laffer
    Tour Leader
    Angkor dirt bike tours
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Currently I am in Australia till November so you can contact me on following numbers 24/7
    61 0405 217177
    61 0407 032784

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