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  1. Hi David,

    Just found this website

    Link removed

    Wondered if you had heard of this rally?
    From India through Myanmar,Laos , Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia.
    WoW, Did it really take place???

    peter c.
  2. Peter
    Yeah it certainly did take place, although some sectors were a bit “mickey mouse” in my opinion.
    For me it was a 1 off showcase event just to prove that it can be done with government help.
    Whether anything good comes out of it for bikers or individual motorists is very doubtful I reckon.
    There’s quite a few news reports on the event up until Thailand, but not not much afterwards. They did however reach Singapore, and then ended on the Indonesian island of Batam!

    Check out some of these news reports if you are really interested




    http://www.danang.gov.vn/home/view.asp? ... d_tin=6307

    http://www.indonesian-embassy.or.jp/men ... -rally.htm

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  3. Thanks David,
    Looks like a bit of a Government dog and pony show eh...
    but at least they did it and that Myanmar travel door is slowly opening.

    peter c.
  4. Peter
    Agreed itwas a bit of a government "dog & pony show" (that must be a Canadian expression?)
    But to be honest I dont think Burma really is opening up.
    However, despite subscribing to that theory I'm going to try & get in from Tachilek in the 1st week of May to ride up to Chiang Rung & back.
    Who knows, something may come off.........

    In comparison Laos is opening up, with the new border crossing at Nam Hueng (Kenthao.)
    See http://www.indonesian-embassy.or.jp/men ... -rally.htm
    for more info.

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