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  1. Have been hiring 400cc sport bikes from these guys for 2 years without incident.This last trip, however, a rather intoxicated farang took exception to the repsol painted 400 and rode square into the back of it, whilst parked! Breaking the front screen,rear sets and bracket and severly realigning the exhaust. There was various light bodywork damage and scrapes to levers etc. This all happened at 2 am, whilst I was otherwise engaged. A quick call the next morning and the damaged was assesed and the bike taken away. The bike was 'off road' for 3 days. I will add at this point that the police were called and I was later able to ascertain the person responsible. However the reason for posting this is that the total cost for rectifying the damage, and 3 days loss of hire was a mere 5,000 Baht! All paid by the guilty party. So if you find yourself back in CNX in need of a hire bike, pop in and see what Ya has to offer. As DFL rightly says the bikes available change from day to day, but thay are good bikes and at fair rates, and if it all goes tits up you will be treated fairly.

  2. Last year I stayed at Rama Guesthouse, and saw some of their bikes-very clean, and almost like new bike. Next year when I visit CNX I'll check their bike out, especially their Honda CB400. I knew their rental price seem hight compare to other rental places, but I'm sure it worth it compare the condition of their bike.

    Brihan Woolman

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