Rding for a Cause: Project Pineapple

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    An Easy Ride through Indochina.

    Lift the carpet. Remove the bombies. Repair the damage.

    Hanoi 19th March 2009 – HCMC 30th April 2009.

    Anybody with a project or program who feel they might like a visit and perhaps assist in publicising the Cluster Bomb issue please get in touch.

    Anybody who wants to join the ride for a while, also, please get in touch; motivated bikers from any country are welcomed.

    To offer your support or for more information please visit http://projectpineapple.blogspot.com and http://www.geocities.com/project.pineapple/
  2. I bet there isnt to many bikes allowed to join from the other countries that can enter Vietnam.

    Any Updates when does it enter Cambodia? Where? and when dose it Leave?

    Happy to join in.
  3. Hi Shadow..

    If you contact Project Pineapple directly via the links provided they can let you know dates...


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