Rear Shock (or Spring) MIO 125 RR

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sierradelta, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. sierradelta

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    Hi Guys

    Can anyone recommend a "normal" aftermarket Rear Shock (or Spring) for a MIO 125 RR here in Bangkok.

    I don’t need a high end spec like the YSS etc. I am not racing the MIO just trying to “beef up” the rear suspension.

    I borrow the wife’s MIO frequently to go to the 7-11, Tesco etc. and our house estate and soi has a lot of speed bumps and my 110kg’s keeps "bottoming out" the rear shock.

    ...(I am doing my bit to help, I was 120kg and I've lost 10kg's in 3 months). :D

    But its really starting to annoy me, so it is time to replace / upgrade it.

    Any recommendation or advice on this rear shock / spring problem would be appreciated.


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