Rear view helmets, gimmick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Tubber, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Tubber

    Tubber Ol'Timer

    Anybody seen or tried these helmets? Slash?
    Sounds like a gimmick but eyes on the back of your head would come in handy here. Especially when Somchai comes barreling up behind you at the traffic lights in his 30 year old pick-up, swigging Loa Khao with Isaan music blaring at an ear-drum rupturing volume.
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  3. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    Their website is terrible - you get prices and agents but no information what this helmet really is or does.

    Is there a camera in the rear? If so, where's the display?

    How can you skip the info and post prices instead?

    When I clicked "agents" my pop-up blocker blocked the content which almost never happens.

    Maybe it's a good idea but they should go about it differently.
  4. brucegsrider

    brucegsrider Ol'Timer

    If you scroll down you will see a link to reviews..... found a few, looked at two.

    The guy in the review talks about the system (briefly), the chinstrap and the removable liner but nothing about how the optics work.
    Looks like it is a passive mirror system.

    My view...... probably very expensive and two rear vision mirrors work fine for me.

    On the chinstrap issue, the guy talks about how easy it is for people to remove your helmet in the event of an accident.
    I have stickers on my helmets which say "In case of accident do not remove helmet". Wish I could find one in Thai!! (for what it's worth)
  5. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

    I already ask questions about helmet standards passed,price,availability,and any video demo's available.
    Still waiting.
    This tech has been around for a while already,albeit a different type and more advanced,for people that certainly fly a lot faster than us and also drive around in tin cans, but everything does filter down to civi street in the end.
    We just have to make sure it's not crap and expensive.

    Only my opinion though
  6. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

    Got my replies and have posted them on the Tech page.
  7. brian66

    brian66 Ol'Timer

    I purchased two of these helmets about 18 months ago. One for me and one for my brother.
    I tried it on three separate occasions. I couldn’t locate the mirror easily which is just above your brow.
    The riding position created a problem as my crouch down sports bikes made it even more difficult to locate the mirror quickly. When I did, I was mostly looking at the sky as the angle of my head and in turn the angle of the helmet is not horizontal.
    I found the helmet way too heavy.
    It is sitting in my cupboard in Thailand unused after those three rides. It is for sale if some one is interested
  8. Silverliner

    Silverliner Member

    Brian, Can you post some pictures of your Reevu helmet?
  9. brian66

    brian66 Ol'Timer

    I am in Singapore until the 19th and will drive back to Thailand. i shall take some photos of the helmet and post them

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