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  1. Hi people,

    I just wanted to give you a heads up.

    There's a new edition of PN-Maps A4 sized road-atlas out (dual language, Thai/English).
    They've just arrived and i picked one up yesterday at Suriwong book store for 230 Baht.

    I've been really pleased with the old one (came out 2007), good quality, but living its life in a backpack was beginning to make it fall apart.

    Scale is 1:800,000 and that's best i've been able to find so far, it also has city maps of all provincial capitals.

    Some improvements i've noticed are better layout. In the older version some maps were cut in a way so you had to flick pages a lot to find key junctions. Also km.-markers are more frequent now.

    On the downside, the signs showing junction names was previously in English but is now in Thai only.
    Also there's an added feature in the town maps showing the top 5 of something (hotels, sights?) which also only is in Thai. But all in all, its a brilliant road atlas and im itching to put into some good use :)

    Just wanted to share in case any of you still using paper maps..:)

  2. I like paper maps for having an overview. Michelin is very helpful. All really beautiful stretches of scenic roads are marked with a green stripe running beside the road. Up to now no misinformation found!
    What about PN maps?
  3. Hi PICO,

    I dindn't run in to any misinformation with the old one.
    This is a road atlas (A4 sized book-map) so not really the best to get an overview.
    It has a alot of detailed information marking things like water falls, temples, view points, tourist attractions, national parks and so on, and it's bilingual (Thai/English) which proved handy many times when in need of information where no one can read English. Also, in the town map sections stuff like hotels, hospitals, banks, gas stations etc. are marked.


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