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  1. Will introduce JP Rider as good shop in Pattaya.
    I mentioned them already in another thread where they made me a holder for my GPS on a versys as they had it only for the new model.

    Last week I went there again. Want back plate for a topcase. Was not satisfied with the solution they had. I want it at the same level as the seat, not higher.
    So I was told they will do it for me. And they did. Need 2 days.
    The holder are made from solid 6 mm steel. The plate is the same they sell normally.
    Both work was done free of charge.
    Means I got everything for free. I did not ask for this and was willing to pay. But they refuse.
    They told me this is because now they have a sample for further production. So not all Thais are hunting for money and try to get some extra money from foreigner.

    They are somehow connected to ADV Tech. They make crash bars to order as well. A center stand for my 2012 versys will be only 5k. A skidplate around 4.5k.

    The shop is located on the ground of a shell station on Sukhumvit in direction to Bkk.

    Here the website. They have also a Facebook site.

    JP Rider : Inspired by
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  2. Nice to know - good honest service. Thanks for the tip off.

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