Recommendations for Kawasaki KX250 Engine rebuild in Udon Thani or nearby?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by supernova-dw, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Hi there all,

    I just bought a 1992 Kawasaki KX250 which is in need of an engine rebuild...It's not seized or anything but needs a piston, rings and gaskets etc....I would gladly do it myself however as I'm working full time I really don't have time...

    I live in Vientiane, Laos so looking for somewhere close by such as Udon Thani or nearby to do the work.

    Does anyone have any suggestions and secondly what kind of price can I roughly expect to pay?

    Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  2. You want to bring the engine to Thailand for a rebuild? I recall seeing some MX bikes at his shop in Vientiane and reckon Fuark can get it done for you locally and at small expense :happy1:
  3. Yeh I do want to bring it to Thailand for a rebuild, Fuark is a nice guy and all but I'm not so sure about a complete engine rebuild...I have no doubt of himself but now days most of the work is done by his employees who I don't feel so confident in.

    The other problem here in Laos is getting bits, you simply wouldn't find anything here for a KX250 at all. Anyhow been recommended someone in Udon and been quoted 10,000 Baht which seems OK to me.

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