Recommended break in time New engine?

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
For most New Bikes it is 1000 kms. Then they change the Oil and check everything etc. The main thing is don't labour the Engine or Over Rev it during this Time. Vary the Engine Load up and down. That is what I have done on all My Bikes to date and No problem. After the 1000k service I Ride like Normal or in the case of the smaller Bikes Thrash Them!!! Good Luck.

Vic Alborn

Aug 3, 2012
It is probably too late for you as you have, no doubt, already past the 1000km mark!?
However, I agree with Ian (even if he is a fellow Kiwi!). For the benifit of others (and future "break-in") : -
What I do, (and I have had SOME experience) is, I tape the twist grip with masking tape or white surgical tape, wraping it around adjacent to the throttle cable housing. I mark the housing with an index mark (marker pen or similar) and put an index mark on the tape at 1/3 throttle opening. I then try to stay under 1/3 throttle opening for the first 1000km. (Do not LABOUR and do not OVERREV as Ian says). I has worked well for me.
Cheers and happy motorcycling,
Vic (AKA: Ah Boon)