Recommended Motorcycle repair shops - KLX Subframe reinforcment

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  1. G'day Fella's,

    After doing the Sangkhlaburi to Umphang missing link ride.
    Our bikes were some what damaged with broken frames to exhaust brackets and exhaust header.

    Sir Trent Crashalot messaged me with some good news about this local shop just down the road from Motoaholic (Kawasaki Dealer - Thonburi / Bangkok)

    Mike and I met up and rode our broken bikes over this morning.. Mike with his KLX / Bamboo DNA bike and mine with exhaust strapped on the back.
    That was a long noisy ride 13 km through downtown Bangkok and across the river... Had quite a few looks when stopped at traffic lights or riding under the BTS...

    If any one needs repairs done at a good price and by skilled people.. Here is the shop that both Mike and I agree we will use for future repairs.

    GPS Co-ordinates


    The shop is roughly 150 metres past Motoaholic when coming down the road with Motoaholic on your left..

    Here is the front.. Khun Wee, the owner / boss. No English is spoken.. Get ready to practice your Thai :)

    New piece of exhaust pipe..

    Nice STRONG bracket made and welded on to each side.

    How it looks before the above is done.

    This was funny.. You will see in the next pic how he cuts off a piece of metal and hammers it in to the frame.
    He started doing that until we stopped him and explained the Kwaka had alien DNA that needed to be extracted

    A lot of laughter and surprise when the Bamboo appeared..

    First measure and cut the pipe that will go in... It was very light. not more than 300 grams per piece.

    Make the end push out a bit so it can be welded in at the end and doesn't move inside.

    Bash it in...



    Perfect fit

    No pictures of what happens next.. but all welded, oxyacetylene torch too.. and painted..

    Real good job..

    As Mike said.. We keep breaking our bikes and we keep making them stronger.. 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

    Hope this of use to any other ' Bangkok Weekend Warriors ' or any one passing through that needs this type of work done.

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  2. Brilliant! I haven't broken my subframe yet reckon its just a matter of time. Will pay this shop a visit ASAP

    Sir Crashalot said that having the subframe reinforced and exhaust bracket repaired set him back 1000 baht. Seems quite reasonable for such quality work.

  3. Yep :)

    I paid 1,500 as I needed a new piece of pipe work and that took a fair bit longer plus two good sized brackets on each side of the frame.

    Mike paid 1,200 due to broken frame and they installed a new tail light.

    Plus they did another few extras for us.. Very reasonable..

    Khun Wee was very reasonable.. We both tipped the mechanic 100 baht each which made his day..

  4. Thats why ime addicted to GT RIDER..the fellas on here wreck their machines and share the good with the bad.
    I forgot about bikes for 10 years in the Uk.. ime back in the saddle and loving LOS because of you fellas.
    Back home in 2 days to see my beautifull wife and babies.......and my versys and KLX..
    What more can a working man ask for.
    Happy dayz
  5. One thing.. New pipe and that wrap around the exhaust....

    Every time I stopped at traffic lights on the way home.. It looked like my bike was on fire.

    Guess the oils etc needs to burn off the new pipe plus the wrap we had on the exhaust.

    Back home people would be waving at you. "hey mate.. your bike is on fire.."

    Thailand.. everyone looks on and minds there own business.. LOL
    Doesn't matter you are on fire at the traffic lights..

  6. Next time that subframe will break in a different place (where there is no reinforcing tube) :)
  7. Broken subframes on the KLX are not very uncommon.

    I reckon the subframe was never designed to carry a lot of weight, so if you do ride rough trails and carry a heavy load over the rear fender it might be a good idea to reinforce the subframe. I've never heard of a frame break amongst folks who mostly ride around on pavement and light offroad.

    I've circled the spots where the subframe tends to break:

    As you can see, the left side of the frame is already reinforced with an extra tube that supports the coolant reservoir, so when the subframe breaks, it always breaks behind that extra tube.

    On the right side you can see that the seat is attached to the subframe so the subframe is supporting all the weight of the rider plus the weight of any luggage they have strapped to the pillion / rear fender. That's potentially a lot of weight for such a small diameter frame tube. It doesn't surprise me that over time it can fail.

    I reckon that if you hammer in an extra steel pipe that's long enough to reach the point where the subframe meets the frame, then you will have a much stronger subframe. Judging from the length of the pipe being hammered into the subframe in Brian's pic, I'd say his frame has been properly re-enforced:

    I haven't re-inforced my subframe yet, but plan to. Thanks to Trent and Brian for finding a great shop that appears to do quality work at reasonable prices. :thumbup:

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