Recommended shops for 2 strokers overhaul

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by footiee, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. footiee

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    Hi guys! any honest and reliable shops around chiangmai city to recommend for a overhaul? I am thinking of the piston shop but it seems they service the bigger bikes over there and i do feel alittle intimated since im on a small old 2 stroker:lol:

    Had a tzm150 with a seized engine here. The engine slowly slows down and stalls. Feels like a very heavy engine braking just come out off no where and finally the rear wheel get locked. Seeing how it seize and the loose kickstarter after engine get cooled down, am i safe to assume its a piston seize rather than a bottom blow out?

    The last owner did mention the piston sleeve wasnt in top condition, any idea whats the estimate for doing up the piston sleeve, piston and rings?

    thanks! :p
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  3. Franz

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    Footie, go to talk to Nut at Pistonshop, there's only yes or no, Nut me thinks will do any bike if the bills are paid.....
    Parts from the TZM should still be easily available, there's a shop that every mechanic buys parts on Chang Moi Rd. near Khad Luang, I'm sure there you can get all, but have this the mechanic take care of. Shop's very cheap and an unbelievable treasure trove for mechanics..........good luck with the repair, rgds, FR

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