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  1. Can somebody tell me what the exact laws are when driving a red plate?
  2. There are different kinds of red plates - which one are you talking about?
  3. I don't know yet. I ordered a versys for August. I want to know if I can leave the province or not.
  4. Red plates are issued to be used before the official number plate is allocated. Often used on new cars, but in my experience very rarely issued by bike sales outlets, even official dealers. I have bought 5 new bikes in my time in Thailand, never had a red plate for any, travelled in many provinces, including Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, and all over Isaan, never had any hassle for lack of plate. I have always carried copy of sales receipt and Insurance which should be issued straight away, never been asked for any of them. Only been asked for driving licence. So whatever the law says, the common practice is to use the bike freely until the proper plate is issued. I guess that would not include crossing any of Thailands borders.
    If there are some provinces where there it is a problem, I hope some other posters will contribute to inform you.
  5. I see lots of new bikes with oval red plates here in Phuket, mostly new small Hondas and Yamahas. You should be able to go anywhere with red plates for a new bike.
    I've had a VTR250 which had no book so I talked a big bike shop into giving me one of theirs. Rode the bike mostly in Hua Hin for two years but also on highways south, never got stopped in over two years. Bangkok is probably a different story, though.

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  6. Stay away from Bangkok and Pattaya and you should be fine.
  7. Thanks for the info.The intention is to drive to our village near Surin and to make some daytrips in Isaan.
  8. I am sure that there many people more qualified in these matters than I, but my understanding is that red plates are delivery plates, ie from the showroom to the delivery point. So they are banned from expressways (which motorcycles are also, so that's that for bikers) and driving after dark. However we are where we are and so hence many shades of grey apply in practice.
  9. As someone said, Red Plates are what you get from a dealer for your new car or truck before your official permenant tag is filed for, and recieved. You are not suppose to be driving with a Red Plate at night. Don't ask me what that has to do with ANYTHING!!! I actually had to pay a cop 500 Baht because he stopped me one night at a DUI checkpoint in BKK.

    Believe or not, the next situation you can find yourself in is when all your paperwork and tax for a new vehicle is legit, but they just don't have the plate made. My dealer took his red plate back, and I just got through driving a truck around for 2 weeks without a plate. The dealer did give me an Official letter telling anyone it was not my fault, and that I was all legal.

    There must be some underlying reason why most exotic cars all drive around on red plates permanently. I would imagine it is some behind the scenes tax reason. Maybe someone here knows why.

    I never see red motorcycle plates in BKK, but have seen a few out in the country.
  10. It seems to me that in some area's a red-plate is temporarly given for new cars or motorbikes. Like in Pattaya ALL new cars and motorbikes should have a red-plate.
    BUt why are some other area's not doing it? It makes sense not to have any car or motorbike without a license-plate.

    Red-plate's should also have a "green book" and every user of the red-plate should be registerd in it. The red-plate is registerd on name of the dealer. It also covers the road-tax.

    As far as I know you can only drive in day-time with a car or motorbike with a red-plate, but you can drive in all Thailand (tested with my car going to Chiang Mai and have been stopped by police).

    As far as I know the red-plates can only be used for max. of 1 month. (as within 4 weeks you should have your license-plate, if not your dealer is fu&&!ing-up).

    But it seems that local police have organized it in a way that there are oppurtunities for the police to be bribed.

    Chang Noi
  11. The dealer in Patters say that I have to wait 3 months before I have my white licensplate.
  12. That is what they told me also .... but DLT says that if you have all papers it would take max. 1 week. But all papers means that they must have an invoice. And I think that as long as they do not pay Kawasaki they do not have an invoice. But they have your money already. The Pattaya Kawasaki dealer is part of the Mityon-group that has a motorbike monopoly in Pattaya and it seems to me that it always takes at least 6 weeks to 3 months to have all the paperwork done.

    When I did not have my insurance-papers and green-book with license-plate (for my Versys) I made a complain to both the dealer & Kawasaki Thailand. Within 24hr I was contacted both my Kawasaki Thailand and the dealer. And within 1 week I had all my insurance-papers, green-book and license-plate. You see no problem at all.

    Chang Noi

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