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    Rear View Motorcycle helmets by Reevu.
    Some answers and links about their new Helmets.
    Dear Reevu,
    A couple of questions are;
    1,what standards are the helmets made to i.e sharp etc?
    2 , are the stockists in the UK or world wide?
    3,prices are to Uk? World Wide ?
    4,any video of operational clarity to show limitations at night in rear
    traffic ?
    Dear Lindsay

    To answer your last question. The helmet comes delieverd with a mirror rear
    visor. This reduces light coming into the helmet especially at night,
    however this cuts out the glare from rear head lamps. We do have clear and
    smoke rear visor for the helmet, however we find that everyone finds the
    mirrored rear visor better in all conditions.


    Here is the long awaited hand crafted RV MSX1, DOT / ECE 22.05. INMETRO,.
    NBR74:71 and UK Acu Gold racing approval. accredited graphic helmet visors
    and Accessories.

    I can now at long last point you to the online solution

    Your first in the world Rear Vision Helmet is on SALE for the introductory
    price of £249, we are shipping internationally for ONLY £19.99. Please check
    your head size from the sizing chart which you will find under (Motorsports)
    (Sports helmet sizes) for a snug fit.

    The Reevu helmet has been over engineered and tested to United Nations
    ECE22.05. USA DOT. South American INMETRO. Only recently passing the
    Australian NBR74:71 As well as British ACU Gold racing approval. It has
    fully interchangeable liners and cheek pads, with tinted visors front and
    rear. The helmet also has the option of two nose guards large and small and
    is ready to accept blue tooth system.

    Search for the latest product updates and conversation from users of the
    latest Reevu model and innovation on Facebook and Youtube just search link

    So is this a genuine product for our safety or just another
    Gimmick ,technology is there but I would always still use that 'life saving 'glance over my shoulder.
    So now we need somebody to by one and to rate it;)

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