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  1. Hi, Ive just been refused entry to Lao at Chiang Khong ( see post ion Lao) My little brain is working overtime trying to overcome the no registration problem. Is it possible to buy a cheap xr250 ( same as mine)honda and swap the frame number engine number or is this doomed to failure. Is it possible to strip my bike truck it into Cambodia assemble it and register it in Cambodia saame same Lao... I read that a 25 doller iffy reg is available in Cambodia is it ?. Will this plate allow me to travel around Lao ?, can I temp import the bike into Thailand ( I realise I will have to do visa runns for the bike). Anyone any ideas thoughts experience on this subject....

    if looks like a duck swims like a duck its probably a duck
  2. Hi I have read archives re registering in Cambodia..JimCA2 if you a reading this can you give me some advice re registering a bike in Cambodia?. The bike is in Thailand at present, I plan to ride smuggle ship the bike to PP and then register it. Is that possible, what costs are involved, what timescale.... Failing that are there many good bikes for sale in PP ...sorry so many questions...all advice information apreciated...Jimmy

    if looks like a duck swims like a duck its probably a duck
  3. JJ, Indeed you can get a reg card and plate in Phnom Penh. Go to Lucky Lucky rental shop. Cost $25 bucks. With this registration you will be able to enter Loas and Thailand for 30 days. I have heard rumors that the Thai authorities are going to crack down on these temporary "imports" of bikes into Thailand. John

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