regular 95, where to find it?

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  1. Hi, I didn't post much on this forum yet, but am a big bike driver in Chiang Mai.... Just lately it's getting terrible with finding regular 95, even Caltex and Esso (which where the last still to provide it) seem to have cut it out of there supplies...
    Anybody knows what going on? People always told me never to put tank any regular 91 but it seems I haven't a got a choice sooner or later.... Do I need to change something in my bike?

    cheers and thanks
  2. What type of bike are you riding? You many not have any problem with 91. I have 3 bikes from 250cc to 850cc and Regular 91 works fine in all of them.
  3. they have it in phrae at quite a few stations. long way to go though. the shell garage next to honda saeng chai delaership has 95 reg. petronas on the mae rim road has it. apart from that it seems to chiang mai has run dry of it.
    just remembered caltex in nong hoi district has it.
  4. PTT and JET no longer distribute or sell Regular 95 in Chonburi ,Rayong,Bangkok,Samat Prakan, chageonsao ,Prachinburi

    but Shell,Caltex and Esso are still distributing Regular 95 in all these areas .

    whats the situation in the North.?

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