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  1. What do you think & recommend.

    Well the AT is down again with a faulty regulator. I've got 2 1/2 yrs out of this one I think so can't complain.

    What I've ordered in from the USA
    FH012AA Mosfet
    available from

    Any comments / ideas?
  2. Looks good. Should work for quite a while as it's rated at 50 Amps ! Just check the stator voltages too as mentioned on the web site...
  3. I am in Switzerland right now. My Atwin needs a new regulator too. Ebay Germany sells them new for € 98.-(Lichtmaschinen Regler Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin RD07)
    How much if ordered in the U.S.?
  4. A bit late now you have ordered one but these guys in the UK make a lot of original and uprated electrical parts for mainly older bikes. Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine uses them for a lot of their rebuilds and highly recommend them.
  5. Maybe this does not apply but many moons ago I was running a Superfour and went through two regulators. I was told it was the heat of this country that was bad for them and that I should think about mounting them to get as much airflow as possible over them. Anyway to replace them I went to a bike shop and waited and waited for them to source a second hand one. These cost 3,000 baht second hand with no guarantee of how old they were or how long they would last. Then a friend of mine also bought a Superfour and later his regulator went. He went to a Honda dealer here in Chaingmai and they looked at it and said it was the exact same regulator as used in one of the smaller Hondas. Anyway 350 baht for a brand new one. I felt a bit foolish and quite a bit poorer.
  6. Fitted



    a few weeks ago & very happy with the service from

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