rent bikes in Chiang Mai

Dec 13, 2003
If you are interested in renting a custom in Chiang Mai you do not have many choices. Just came back from a quick trip to Pai and one of my friends rented a bike at Moon Muang at a small shop where they have just 3 bikes, a Suzuki GS 400, a Honda Super4 and a Steed 400. He rented the Steed and it was terrible. Owner did not want to take responsibility and we ended up paying the full rental amount although he had to stop 10 times on the way to Pai because engine overheat and so our trip was spoiled. Last month another friend rented ad Big (or Bad) Shopper and also a bad Steed. The only shop I can recommend is Jaguar on Moon Muang where they have a Steed 600 and a Steed 400 both in good condition.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Thanks for the tips re dodgy rental shops.
Big Chopper seems to be getting a bit of a beating of late, although there must be some satisfied customers.
Is the other shop you mention Pop?

If you're going to do a longish trip up-country, then a good general rule is to take the bike for a decent spin to check it out before you head away up-country. Either a quick blast up Doi Suthep mountain, or a lap of the Samoeng loop is recommended. This way you should know in advance if the bike is satisfactory & will go the distance.

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