Rental Contacts in Nan and New Hotel Info

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  1. I might be going to Nan for a week or so on business and was wondering if anyone had a MC rental contact in Nan. I was considering taking a day off and doing the Doi Phukha loop. Thanks in advance.

    By the way, there is a new hotel right on 1080, North of the Nan airport about 3-5km. It's on the east side of 1080, it's a 2 level block type buidling with a seperate restaraunt in the parking lot right there. There was a sign in Thai with a Pepsi logo, but no English, at least when I stayed there. The guy that owns the place is a retired Thai Marine from Bangkok. The food was great, the rooms were only 450 baht and the place was like new. It's not the Hilton, but very nice for an overnight or a few days stay, easy to find and out of all the city traffic yet only a few minutes away. The parking lot is right outside the rooms and there seems to be people around most of the time. Much, much better value than the Nan Valley Resort about 15km farther north. Here is my best guess at how to pronounce the name "Sook Thai Longlam Resort" and the owner name is "Somnook Rotchana" (Sorry if I butchered that!) The tel. is 054-775895-9 Mobile 01-8465341, 01-4075927
  2. Hi Rusty,

    No help with a contract...But the "Best value in Thailand" with a Great hot shower which is by far the best of any hotel anywhere for any price and bike security and right in the middle of town is the Dejvou--- (not even close to sure of the spelling but it's somthing like that). Food is not so good, but many choices close by down on the riverfront.

    David has talked about it a few times in his write ups so you could probably find it if you did a topic search. It's on the main street running North and South and about one stop light back from the river. And price is around 350 a night.

    We are leaving our home here in Chiang Khong and heading that way in about 30 minutes to ride that area for a 3-4 days. We've had heavy rains during late afternoons and into the evening times, so maybe some extra gear is in order.

    David and Mai
  3. Hi Rusty,

    We just stayed (Sunday night)in the hotel you mentioned rather then our normal stay in town just to try something different - and other then the terrible free rice soup and coffee in the morning, we would give the hotel two thumbs up!

    David and Mai
  4. Ha Ha Ha! What's wrong with a little traditional Thai breakfast??

    I have been to places in Laos where they eat the intestines out of a cow at the part where the grass starts turning into crap! It's pronouced something like "pia", I call it "Kee Nua" (means poop of cow) I only tried it because I was drunk.

    One time, the best fresh pork rinds I ever had turned out to be fried pig lungs! I'm glad you liked the place anyhow, I thought the same thing about the soup. Cheers!

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