Rental Shops in Phuket - for Offroad 250cc & up

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  1. Hi there!

    I'd like to get some info on rental shops in Phuket.
    Possibly, places that carry Baja, XL, 250cc and up.
  2. Try looking under PHUKET/SOUTHERN THAILNAD heading you will see some info there
  3. Thanks for the info.I remember only seeing big bike rentals, but I will check again.
  4. I seem to remember listing Transalps there...... they are 400cc

    All prices quoted are for daily hire, obviously longer you can negotiate yourselves, and all bikes are registered.

    CBR 600 F4 1200 baht per day
    Yamaha R1 1700
    CBR 600 RR 1500
    CB 400SF Vtec 700
    VTR 1000 1200
    Fireblade 954 1200
    Dragstar 400 700
    ZX9 1200
    Shadow 400 700
    Shadow 750 1000
    Transalp 400 700
    Africa Twin 750 1200
    CBR 1000RR 2000
    GSXR 1000 RR K2 2000
  5. Thanks T.J.
  6. No worries D

    but I hope you realise that there aren't really any dirt tracks around Phuket... perhaps you may be better with a road bike (unless you want to go hooning along the beaches checking out the 'White Pointers')

    Just a thought
  7. Hi T.J.
    Yeah... I am still debating on what route to take.
    After my 5 nights in/around Chiang Mai, I'll have 10 full days to ride the South.
    I'd like to stay 2 nights in Koh Samui, and maybe 2 nights in Krabi. And the rest of the days I want to ride "half-days", along the coast (mainly), starting/ending in Phuket.
    I have looked into so many ways and places to stop overnight.
    Hard to forsee it, since it is my first time.

    I read your comments, and wonder if you could give me a hand.

    In your opinion,
    What is the best route for 10 days of riding? (taking a break for 3-4 nights)
    Places that I shouldn't miss.

    The rental bike:

    I have a Yamaha R1 here in Tokyo. So, I wanted to get something more easy-riding, lighter on the lower-backbone, maybe the CB 400 would be cool too. Aren't there any unpaived roads, or "backroads" for any offroad in the South?

  8. I will get some info and send to you, the CB 400 is a great bike and popular everywhere. Phuket even has the vtec version for hire....

    when are you due to come over...

    oh yes, I see you are coming in June....
  9. I am planning to arrive in Chiang Mai on June 6th, flying to Phuket on June 12th.
    Need anything from Tokyo?
  10. How about a Geisha Girl......
  11. In that case I should bring TWO of those!
  12. Hi D, I'm not a Phuket local like TJ but have visited a number of times hiring various bikes from very loud bad ass Harley to Wave 125 scoots.

    Has to be said that the 125's are a real easy going (and cheap)option if touring the Phuket beaches in flip-flops and shorts is the order of the day. I agree with TJ that the CB400 is a good choice though, especially if you are planning to stray further afield (I don't believe there's much off-roading down south at all).

    We've never had any problems finding places to stay even in peak season so I can't imagine you will in June.

    If TJ manages to outline a tour itinery for you I would be interested in reading about it myself. Have never managed to get my head around a Phuket tour really and ended up staying at Kata Noi several times (some good snorkelling around the rocky northern end) and riding out daily from there.

    Patong needs to be visited for the experience of the Bangla Road but I wouldn't want to stay there too long. If however you wanted to base yourself there for the night when you arrive it would give you the chance to shop around for a bigger bike than a scooter - there are lots for rent on the promenade. PS2 bungalow is clean, has a swimming pool and prices are reasonable.

    Best wishes,

  13. Hi Tomo,
    Thanks for the input.

    Yeah... TJ has alot of cool info and pics to share.

    I'm planning to pick up a bike in Patong, most likely a 400cc.
    Safety is key, and a little more cc really helps me stay out of trouble. Especially on the main highways
  14. Hi Guys Tommo and D555

    can we now move to the Phuket section to keep this thread going, I got David Unk to start a Phuket Southern Thailand thread, so will be posting the stuff there

    See you all over on the other side..........

    Tommo just rocked into CNX this evening and had a few bevvies down at the Kafe with the lads... when are you and your crowd returning.........
  15. I rented this Honda - shadow 650 I guess ?, last oct from a beach rd renter in Patong for about 600 baht a day over 2 days. Seemed like the perfect bike for cruising round Phuket to me. Rode it over to Phang Nga on the mainland aswell.


    Had a couple of days in Krabi aswell and rented a DR250 for about the same price. Have to say I had more fun on the chopper.
  16. Hi There Penetrator

    Could you do us a favour and re post this foto on Phuket section please....

    Many thanks


    oops my apologies, just noticed you already have..

    sorry about that
  17. It's already down there Johno, in the section about Phuket rental shops.

    My apologies now as I just noticed that you'd just noticed [:D]
  18. No worries Penetrator

    Hey man recognise this picture..... anyone you know.......

  19. Yea those were the days, not a care in the world apart from mixing a bit of 2T in with the petrol [:)]
  20. I used to do the same when I owned a lambretta scooter

    gee doesnt anyone sleep around here......

    I have just paid for 48 hours unlimited internet in hotel, so getting my moneys worth

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