Rental Woes in Sihanoukville

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  1. New legislation has it that you must have a valid permit to operate a motorbike in Sihnanoukville. Of course locals arent getting stopped but many of foreigners who have rented bikes have been. Usually they hold the bike and send you back to the rental company to retrieve your passport and the owner of the rental co. to retrieve the bike. A valid permit would be a Khmer license or an International Drivers license. If coming from the USA take the time to pick up an international license from AAA. Cost is 10 dollars valid for one year. I havent heard of any major problems from the guys living in Kampong Som but they are getting their Cambodian licenses. This hasnt spread thru the rest of the country but there is the possibility.
  2. Hi Jim,

    Just been to your place for a couple of beers... leaving tomorrow as you arrive.

    I just got back today from Snooky. No problems on my bike. Apparently the legislation is noe not too strictly enforced (like most inane legislation in this country, enforced for the first part then ignored)bikes are still being rented out with no problems. It appears that now it is so long as you have a foreign licence it is ok.

    That said, I applied for a Cambo licence today at Lucky Lucky.

    They have fake one available next day for $25 or real ones (20 days) for $35 (which I went for). The cost of getting a real licence yourself is $25, but you need to get/pay a literate Khmer to help you so to me Luckys service is good value.

  3. Thanks for that update John. Back in Pnh and it sure feels good. I applied for my license with lucky when I started catching wind of the problems being reported prior to my departure and have had a few people tell me what you have just said in the last few days. thanx again.
  4. The police set up some road blocks(licence checking) around Chinese new near.Has been pretty quiet since then.I would not be suprised to see another wave of law enforcement leading up to Khmer New Year.

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