Rentals in Koh Kong or Sihanoukville

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  1. Hi, I'm planning a ride from S'Ville - KK - Pramouy - Pursat - PP - S'Ville in April.

    Does anyone know of a shop renting out reliable 250cc dirt bikes from either Koh Kong or Sihanoukville? Suggestions for Phnom Penh also welcome, as I haven't decided where to start riding my loop from yet or whether I'm arriving overland or by air from Thailand.

  2. Rentals...
    I'm not aware of 250cc rentals available in KKong, but you might contact Nick at He mainly runs tours, and uses a few Baja's and Suzuki's...but I don't know if he will rent them:

    Similarly, I'm not aware of any _decent_ 250cc rental places in Snooky, but you might try asking at the best repair/maintenance shop in the area, which is located two doors from the King Gold Hotel on Street Borey Kamakor. The Khmer owner has a few 250's sitting in front of his shop.

    Your best bet may be in PPenh, where I'd suggest "Two Wheels Only", a western run shop or Flying bikes, which is near the main market, close to St Confederation de la Russian.
  3. try nick at sauna gardens/junglecross, or thomas at neptune in KK.
    I've seen some for rent in snooky, and I rent fromAngkor bikes in Phnom Penh, opposit walkabout.
    Reliable bikes, helpful guys.
  4. I rented my bike from in PP. I am currently in Laos and have ridden from Cambodia to Thailand into Laos. Just over 5,000 km and no problems with the bike.The owner is a nice guy and very helpful. Have a good trip.
  5. I'm curious as to how you were able to get a _rented_ Cambodia bike through Thai and Laos Immigration & Customs and into those countries??
    What problems did you have to overcome?
  6. The owner of the bike shop suggested I buy the bike then sell it back to him minus the rental fees when I return.He was also able to get me offical papers of reg. and bill of sale.
    At the border I met a Cambodia man who helped me with both sides of the border. It took me less than 20 minutes and cost me nothing.
    I would be happy to give anyone his name and phone number if they are going to cross the boarder there. Laos is an easy crossing.
  7. Thanks for the help fellas,

    decided to fly into Phnom Penh, rather than take the overland route from Thailand, and I have struck a good deal for a bike from Angkor Motorcycles for a week. Can't wait. Will post a trip report once we're done.

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