Rented a DTracker 250 Yesterday - Samoeng/Doi Suthep

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by DTrackerCM, May 6, 2012.

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    A belated birthday present (10 months late) to myself. Finally got a DTracker 250 for the day. Silly really as I now NEED to buy one :twisted: I must apologise to anyone that was on the mountain roads yesterday - Samoeng, Suthep, 118 towards Chiang Rai - as I was just having fun...noisy fun.

    Worked out at 78mpg and lots of sunburn. These are the pictures that I went on a photographing jaunt as my memory card died when I went up the mountains but I was having too much fun to stop anyway. Anyway, you can see most of what I saw yesterday here. There's a video though which you can hear just how Kalashikovy the gear change is. Apparently sticking an exhaust on stops them sounding a bit whiney/geary. Check out the dial flicky on start up (that was this morning and it was a bit kranky as you can see).

    In total I did 310kms yesterday, lost 3kg in sweat - it's hard work in 38+C, got red bum cheeks now (haha looked like I've been spanked!!) and set my alarm for 5am but it's been raining constantly and I think my skill levels need a little more practice to be messing about in the rain as never ridden a proper bike before, for more than 5 mins anyway. I did get the backend out a few times on the twisties - I'm not short of DH mountain bike skills and regularly cracked 50+mph on it. The Kwak's tyres were way too hard once they'd heated up (and it was vvv hot yesterday) and coming down the mountain especially Doi Suthep was a bit hairy :shock:

    The 350cc kit for it must be insane after reading about it here: thumpier but I feel like I've got vibration white finger now so maybe not for me.

    Anyway, that's it from me. Rain is stopping any action today but need to take it back soon. Let's see if I can take next weekend off again and get it again next weekend :) Best 1500bt or so with fuel/lunch etc I've spent in a long time.

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