renting a dirt bike in cambodia. need help/ advice

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    hey. long story short there are 3 of us all 19 y/o with road riding experience and limited off road experience. getting into cambodia from thailand on roughly mid june. we want to rent dirt bikes and see lots of cambodia. we are looking at maybe the xr 400 or 250. but are open to suggestions. what we need to know is how much we are looking at price wise. where is cheap and also where is good and reliable to get them from. not sure of our first stop where we will rent them from but again help with this will be appreciated. we assume phnom penh will be our first stop and rental site but if this is not the best idea please tell us. also as we plan to ride for 2-4 weeks around cambodia we would be more than happy to join company with anyone else in the same area so give us a heads up.

    thanks in advance for any help.

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  3. Slaphead

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  4. pufferfish_88

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    hey thanks for the help. have you guys delt with them in any way yet, or just seen them on the net. me thinks we will be around phnom penh around the 8-9th of june so if you wanna do a leg with us that would be grand
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    We have booked the bikes. He is very helpful and offer to give me biking advice for Cambodia even if we didn't use his service.
    Said he would give us his number and he would act as a middleman/translator if needed in a local village. €15 a day for XR 250s with helmet and some tools.
    Seen some good reviews too.
    Were not going to be there until the end of June/start of July, heading down to Sihaunkville via Kampot.

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