Replacing standard H7 55w headlamp bulb with 80w

Discussion in 'Technical' started by neilferris, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Wanted to replace the standard 55w headlamp dip bulb with an 80w bulb, not for increased night vision, I never venture out at night on the bike. Purely for the fact, it's something I came across when tidying the other day and if it makes me more visible to 1 in 10,000 pick-up drivers then it's worth the 2 minutes to fit it.
    So, was after the advice of someone who has done this with no problems/problems or a "sparky" with more electrical knowledge than myself.
    I do not want to modify the wiring.......fitting relays......but do not want to take the chance of "frying" the standard wiring and switch....
    Bike is a 2014 Kawasaki Z800
    Bulb is a Ring Rallysport H7 80w (it is marked "safe for use in plastic headlamps")

    Plug and Play.......or a no, no?

    Many thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. I don't think a 80w bulb would make any significant improvement in daylight hours.

    High intensity LED daytime running lights are designed to work in daytime light! A pair of lights on the forks or a short strip of lights discreetly mounted under the headlight fairing might work. They are low wattage & don't drain your power, also anti-glare which works well at dust/night.

    The Thai headlight & sound system shops usually have a wide variety copy Audi/BMW style short strips to play with!

    This website shows a few examples:
  3. PIAA or Osram nightbreakers ot phillips Extreme are normal wattage but 50% brighter they are the way to go with no risk to wiring or need of relays , i have them in my Ducatis ,

    I have experimented with HID light kits too ,, but not that much different from the Phillips Extremes I have used and no need for ballasts
  4. Thanks for the comments...

    Best option, not risk the higher wattage (80w)....will go for those PIAA/Osram or similar...standard 55w but higher output ..
  5. Yep that's what I have on my Honda.
  6. A bit late, but I finally found the package for my "super duper" headlights.



    an easy way to go.
  7. Many thanks guys for your comments and time...

    Didn't want to risk 80w...or turn the bike into a Christmas tree...have gone for H7 55w OSRAM Night Breakers Unlimited...("Up to" : 110% more light, 40m longer beam and 20% whiter light).....

    For Info. and anybody else looking to upgrade, ordered from the UK.....huge selection....some good discounts off MRRP and free delivery to Thailand.
    Cost 15.96 GBP for a twin pack (approx. 850฿).......

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