Report Mae Chan Bicycle King Cup Race

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking - Any message' started by ron, Feb 16, 2010.

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    it was a very hard afternoon race , on a very challenging track with steep climbs and fun downhill but even on short flat section very bumpy ride so difficult to recover

    many riders , even from Singapore ,
    many different age categories for B , 2 laps

    for A class ( UCI license ) same age categories but 3 laps

    and open class A 2 , 4 laps

    i started in A2 together with another 25 riders , i was the last one to finish the 4 laps but 10 others didn ' t make it , is always funny cause they go like crazy in the beginning , but for a 2 hour race that ' s suicide

    as expected open class A2 was dominated by japanese pro riders , here temporary on training

    here some pictures ... 2&start=20

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