Reset/reflash ECU when aftermarket airfilter and modded exhaust?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CBR250, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. I installed a K+N airfilter and also have modified the stock exhaust with some small holes drilled in the back.

    CBR250 which I believe runs a closed loop from ECU and O2 sensor.

    Should the ECU be reflashed by disconnecting the battery by 5 minutes to maximize (small) changes in the breathing system?
  2. Do a couple of plug chops to see if the mixture is lean. If so you can buy piggy back devices for about B3500 to richen the mixture.

    A cheater box for B1200 maybe good enough for you. Fools the ECU into thinking the temperature is colder, altitude is lower etc. so the ECU richens the mixture.
  3. ^ Thanks. Interesting. I remember seeing that years ago and had forgotten all about it. Something I'll have to read up on. :) I didn't know that's what it does.

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