Resort near Wiang Haeng - Meechorn?

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  1. I just met a guy who was telling me about a great resort somewhere on a dirt road between Wiang Haeng and Samoeng. It's some kind of resort that apparently has a website and is called something like Meechorn or Meenachon. Has anybody heard of it or been there? I didn't manage to get the details but I'm curious about the place. Thanks.
  2. Sounds like you or your mate needs to look at a map first.
    Wiang Haeng to Samoeng covers a lot of territory.
    Meenachon sounds a bit like Mae Na Chon to me, but it certainly is not between Wiang Haeng & Samoeng.
    Get the details & I'll let you know where it is; otherwise it's like asking what fish can you catch in the ocean over there.
  3. HI David

    It's certainly not Mae Na Chon as I know and I have been here. He told me that he drove to Wiang Haeng and then south about 30km on a dirt road. He also told me that there is a route through Samoeng- Boh Kaew and then North on a very dirt road. I will try to track the guy down again as I know he's still in Chiang Mai. Anyway, apparently, there is a really nice resort that is run by a small Karen village. He showed me pictures and the place was a lot nicer than you'd expect in a very rural setting. If I find anything, I'll post it here.
  4. I think you may be refering to the "Secret" golf resort Frazier wrote about some years back riding around with Duval. See 19.23'12N 98.43'10E If you go, do tell.
  5. Wiang Haeng, Bo Kaew & Samoeng don't quite go together. You sure you don't mean Wat Chan, Samoeng & Bo Kaew.
    Wiang Haeng is north of R1095 & Pai. Samoeng & Bo Kaew are south of R1095 & Pai.
    You have to cross asphalt highway R1095 to get from Wiang Haeng to Bo Kaew / Samoeng....So must be Wat Chan, no?
  6. Frazier also encountersTigers running along the main highway out of not sure about a secret golf course in the mountains.
  7. Hee hee,

    Too much snake wine maybe. But it sure looks like a golf course about 30KM So of Wiang Haeng at those GPS coords. I wish Google Earth had high res right there, then we would know for sure.
  8. Maybe this helps. The "golf course" is east of Muang Khong in the middle of the rice fields on the satellite picture I have.

    There is a small "resort" just before Mueng Khong coming from Chiang Dao with a few bungalows called "Subin". Maybe Frazier's "golf course" is of another variety with the caddies providing different services.

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