Review of 5 tires used on Honda 250 cc. dirt bike


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Dec 28, 2008
Here’s a review of the 5 different tires I’ve used on my Honda 250cc dirt bikes (first a 1993 Honda XL250 Degree, now riding a 2003 Honda XR250 Baja). I ride mostly on pavement (99%), and once in a while on dirt or mud, so I look for a tires that’s rated 80/20 (on road/off road) or 70/30.

First tire - Vee Rubber Trail Wolfs. I had an incident where these tires lost traction when braking on a wet road. The front tire locked and skidded, and the bike went down. I decided to try a non-Thai tire, so i changed to...

Second tire - Dunlop D604. The rubber on these tires is pretty hard - after riding 20,000 kilometers, there was still quite a bit of tread left on both tires. Had some problems with slipping on curves. Changed to...

Third tire - Michelen Siracs (ordered from Pairoj at [email protected]). These seemed to grip a little better than the Dunlops, but they slipped at times. Lasted about 21,000 kilometers. I switched to...

Fourth tire - Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tires ordered from Boy at [email protected]) . The rubber on these tires seems softer than the Siracs. These tires lasted about15,000 kilimeters. I had one incident when the tires slipped a little in a curve and then recovered quickly. For my next set of tires, I switched back to...

(Third tire again) - Michelin Siracs. My second set of these tires lasted even longer - 25,000 kilometers, and the grip seemed worse than the first set, so I switched to...

Fifth tire - Pirelli MT 90s (ordered from Pat at [email protected]) I was happy at first with these tires, as I’d read rave reviews about them, and they seemed to grip well. But as time went on, they began to slip at times, and the tires wore slowly (after 21,000 km, still a fair amount of tread left), indicating to me that the rubber is pretty hard on these tires. So I switched back to...

(Fourth tire again) - the Metzeler Enduro 3 Saharas, which I’m riding now. In comparing these tires at identical locations where the Pirellis slipped, these tires have gripped better. They are my favorite tire, giving the best grip of the 5 tires I’ve used. I would definitely recomment these tires. The dealer for these tires is reliable, but you would probably need to call several months in advance, as he may need to order one or both tires. The last set I bought, he had one in stock and had to order the other.
Hope this is helpful to some of you.


Nov 21, 2010
When buying out of ordinary tires (or in promotion) I would also advice to check the production date stamp on the tire. As I have seen tires that must have been in stock for a few years and depending on how they have been stored that might not be good for the tires.


Dec 27, 2007
Interesting review. I'm lucky to get ~8000km out of a stock Dunlop D605 rear tire on my KLX, less on a proper off road tire. Fortunately dirt bike tires are wonderfully cheap and easy to find, so I don't give tire life much consideration. You should hook up with the Ambassador at X-Centre some time for a friendly blast around the Samoeng Loop- he is surprisingly quick on his KLX with stock D605's and rides them edge to edge; never seen him slip.

Personally I think slipping and sliding is half the fun of riding dirt bikes :happy2: Some of the fastest guys I know run on cheap-as-chips IRC Vulcanduro's.

For mostly off road I generally run IRC Vulcanduro VE33:

If I know we'll be riding a fair bit of pavement I switch to the longer lasting road legal D605-